Saturday, January 05, 2013

Puppy Love

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How can anyone resist this little, adorable, foxy-faced baby? Doesn’t that belly call out for a rub? Soon this will be snarfling at my door. Can’t wait. It appears to be happening perhaps by next weekend. Fingers crossed.

We have had some real cold weather for the first time. Thankfully the new heating system is working well. That is if someone doesn’t accidentally turn off the switch at the top of te stairs in the new house. The switch will be getting a red cover Monday but on Friday I didn’t even know it existed. That is until it got down to 51 degrees and falling. I had a sweatshirt, coat, Ugg slippers and a quilt on me when I woke from a light nap on the couch I knew something was very wrong. After calling the contractor and having a short question and answer I was told to hit the switch at the top of the stairs and that was the problem. It looks like a light switch and got turned off. Boy that heat came up in minutes and the house was toasty and lovely in no time. Just one of the many little things to get used to. Now we all know not to flip that one. Brrrr.

I’ve spent most of the afternoon organizing(eeeekkkkkk) paperwork and looking for a missing check register. I cannot find it and I finally had to walk away from the piles of envelopes and statements. Record keeping is not my forte. Nope…not at all.

I decided to make meatballs instead and that is my thing. Meatballs and Mezzi Rigatoni for dinner with eggplant and mushroom sauce. Yummy and the perfect cold weather food. Tomorrow we are going to an Asian restaurant out east to celebrate our friend Joe’s birthday. There will be his whole family and then some and us. Looking forward to it since it is Chinese, Thai, and Japanese. Mmmmmm.

Back soon with an update on the birthday celebration. It’s a fun and funny crowd.


Janet said...

I have my fingers crossed for you, too. It's really happening!! Are you excited?

The light switch thing will be something everyone remembers now. It's no fun waking up feeling cold.

Your meatball dinner sounds yummy. Enjoy the birthday celebrations and have fun.

Joanne S said...

OKAY. I have meatballs that I baked yesterday--now come across with the recipe for the Mezzi rigatoni with eggplant and mushrooms. I am SO HUNGRY.

Libby said...

*awww* Doggy snuggles are the best.

I remember the time we went away for the long Thanksgiving weekend while we lived in MA. Having never lived in cold, we made the HUGE mistake of turning OFF the furnace rather than setting it to a lower temp. It took a full two days to get the house to a liveable temp when we got home. Live and learn *lol*

Michele Bilyeu said...

How lovely to get a little fur snuggly of your own...awesome, Dee!!!!