Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A welcome touch of spring & WIPs

Not sure why it always amazes me how much the weather affects my mood. Yesterday we had a delightful taste of spring. It was 57 in the afternoon and I went to the store in a sweatshirt. Very lovely.
This is what I'm up to lately. Ever since I donated the quilt to QOV and Deb Geyer was nice enough to quilt it so beautifully, I have been searching for the extra blocks I made and put away. I knew they were in there somewhere. When I finished the quilt top I was in that mood that I didn't want to see the stuff for a while so I tucked away the left-overs. I think when I made the quilt I must have been in the throws of a major menopausal frenzy. I made so many nine patches I couldn't believe how many.... anyway, I'm working on putting together something out of them. There may be enough nine patches for two somethings. Now if only I could work up some of that frenzy energy-wise. Also, when you enlarge you will see how the blocks are very wonky and that's what happened to the quilt top WONKY-pretty, but no matching corners. I'm just going to ignore that and use them anyway and fudge the results.
I have decided to put a binding on this mini and call it a table topper and done. It was made by using up pieces of fabric that were left from other things I made. I just randomly put together any two pieces I picked up and so there you have it. It was also a trial run for that fusible batting. I wanted to see how the stuff worked and, apart from making it very stiff, which may be good for keeping it in place, it seems to work well. We'll see what happens when it is washed. I hope you all have a productive day. I'm going to go out and breath some fresh air and stand in the sunshine while we have it. It's a rare day in Feb. One last thing, I want to say how much I am enjoying going through the Studio list and seeing all the new people and their sites. What fun. Try it when you have a few moments.