Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thank You All so much.

I'm doing alright but missing my best friend a lot. Just the simple act of chatting in the evening. Things you don't think about much while you have them. Relatives have returned home to the pacific northwest after much delay and cancellation of planes due to weather. I am now in the middle of financial paperwork hell although I must say I've had a lot of help from the Lab where Roger worked. They are guiding me through the maze and being a big help. I am grateful.
The last day we had with Roger we all talked about the many things we loved about him and how much we wish he could have talked to us in those last hours. He had a hard time at the end and remained whatt we always called stubborn Irish. Even the Doctors and Nurses remarked on what a tough guy he was. People from various parts of the hospital came and hugged me and told me how honored they were to have known Roger over these months. Nurses who had been with him for months cried at the end. A little later when it was all quiet, James said to me, "I sure wish I could go get Dad a margarita." Roger couldn't drink in the last two years due to meds. He was never a big drinker but he sure missed those margaritas. A couple of hundred people came to the wake. Many of the engineers that Roger had worked with over the years and many friends and family. After the funeral we all went to a local pub and ordered margaritas and toasted Roger. It was a real old fashioned Irish/Italian wake with a Latin twist. He would have loved it.
I want to thank you all for your lovely messages. I was comforted so much by all of them. One of these days I will return to sewing and blogging. I just need some time to get things sorted out and get past all that has happened.
I will love him always. He gave me the gift of a wonderful life. I just need to figure out how to go on without him.