Thursday, June 30, 2011

Little bits & pieces

It's either feast or famine regarding time around here. Lately it's been feast. Since I've taken back my job at the Pantry I am having to re-learn some things on my computer. Roger had installed some new Office programs and I'm having a bit of a learning curve. Also having a little problem with my wireless keyboard and mouse. The keyboard keeps making double strikes so I wind up with sentences that go like this-II amm soo tirred of havving to correcct every damnnn sentencee. Grrr. Only happens sometimes.

Above is the first of a couple of baby quilts that I need to get done. The color is off a bit in the photo. The "Whimsy" fabric is brighter but I just don't have time to go figure it out right now. I will give it a border and call it a day...NEXT!

I'm deep into the immigration/social security maze. It's really being kind to call it a maze. It's more like a big steaming pile of mess. I begin to wonder if it would pay to have a couple of drinks before trying to tackle the whole thing.

The other day I had dinner with my oldest friend going all the way back to 6th grade. We didn't want an actual dinner so we ordered a couple of appetizers-fried calamari and baked clams and enjoyed a couple of drinks down at the beach at sunset. Great company and a lovely setting. This place makes the best fried calamari EVER. Plus, I got to catch up with Linda. It's funny how you can not see each other socially for a year and pick up right where you were last time. We live a half mile from each other and all these terrible months went by. Linda came to Roger's funeral and when she saw me the other night, she just hugged me and said, "Wow has this past year kicked your ass, or what?" Yes it has but I'm kicking back at last.

I have a graduation party this weekend. Dani's sister, Victoria, has graduated high school and is on her way to being a nurse. She's such a lovely young woman with a sweet personality. Very smart kids in that family. Yesterday, I got little Miss Lucy for the day. We sort of wear each other out but in a good way. Lucy also saved me from the big bad kitty that was hiding under my car....such a brave girl. She spent the day patrolling the front door making sure that the chipmunks, squirrels, and birds didn't get to me. I feel so safe now... At any rate, I'm sure she slept really soundly last night, I know I did.

I'm off to the grocery store, Pantry, Post Office, and then home for some work on the quilts.

Have a happy 4th everyone.