Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lucky Me!

Lookeeee what popped up in my mailbox! A beautiful painting by Melody. I am going to see about having it framed today. I really love her paintings and nasturtiums are a favorite flower of mine. The only unfortunate thing was that our friend Rich was right about the postal service. If you put "Do Not Bend" on an envelope that is the one they will use for soccer practice. The mat was crinkled. I'm happy that's all that happened since the envelope looked like a truck ran over it. Most fortunately, there was no damage to the picture itself. Thank you so much Dear Mel.

If, like so often is the case with me, you are looking for a way to avoid doing the things you need to do, here is the Sarah Palin Baby name generator. Gerrie had this on her blog today. The name they came up with for me is Rink Debate. Nice huh??? Gerrie has more about this on her political blog. You can get there by visiting her art blog here.

I had bloodwork done yesterday for my semi annual checkup and, since it bears repeating, getting old sucks big time. I'm sure the Dr. will have much to say to me this time since I have not paid one bit of attention to anything important this time around. I will tell him that I will try harder for next time and then jump for joy when it's over. My Dr. is wonderful but he is about 30 and looks like 15. It's really hard to connect with a guy who looks like Opie Taylor. Anyway, needless to say I will be in a super grumpy mood Friday a.m. Nothing like getting a good talking to first thing. I really do appreciate what he's trying to do and I mean it when I say I will try. Again, getting old sucks but the alternative is suckier. I saw a woman in the clinic yesterday who was 99. Lord let me live that long if I can be that sharp. She was really funny and right on with her comments. Seeing someone like that should be a good reason for behaving oneself...right???

Well, if I hope to get to Target and other errands today, I better get going. Talk to you soon.

Addendum: I'm answering Gerrie's comment here because I admire her, love her, and didn't want to leave the impression that I don't appreciate the gifts I've been given. I'm very happy with certain aspects of this stage of getting older. It's all the things I shouldn't do that are catching up with me-those things suck. I am more at peace than I have ever been with myself. The simple, and awful truth is that I really hate having to behave myself with regard to food. I love to cook and, Lord help me, I love to eat. If it wouldn't kill me I would eat pasta three times a day and follow it with pastry. I am a slug. If you look up sloth in the dictionary there is a picture of me wrapped around a branch eating Fritos. I hate to exercise and further hate the time it takes out of the day. Getting sweaty and smelly working out is not my thing. By the time you shower and do the hair half the day is nearly gone. I resent that and will avoid it like the plague. As for growing old-I'm really o.k. with that most days and I count my blessing that so far I haven't managed to kill myself with carbs, whipped cream and whining about getting old. I think we should all hope to be as amazing a woman as Gerrie is, at any age.