Friday, September 05, 2008

Color Riot for Late Summer

The hibiscus is providing a little shade for my happy little Buddha. The coleus is nearing the end of its beautiful cycle. Those were the smallest plants when I put them in. I really love coleus. You really get your moneys worth and very big bang for the buck.
Sorry for the odd angle but I had this one draped over a chair. I had enough Holly Jolly pieces to make another little wall hanging and there are still more to make other things with. It's really amazing how much you can get out of those little charm packs and a couple of fat quarters. Roger is taking Fridays off until the end of September. He has some days off coming to him and needs to take them or they will be lost. A 4-day work week sounds like a great idea for him right now. Long weekends are wonderful. I plan to sew the bindings on the mini quilts and put this last one together for binding. That should keep me busy. Well, that and the usual crap like laundry...

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Books & Late Summer Light

It's that time of year when the light changes and turns a little blue. Our Chestnut tree is dropping leaves and chestnuts like mad. You can just stand there and watch the leaves fluttering to the ground, all yellow and transparent. Like rice paper. So different from the strong, green, opaque, leaves of summer. While not really a "summer" person, I can't help being a little melancholy about fall. If things go as usual, we will have warm weather well into November so it's not about the temps at all. It's just that even though January is supposed to be the beginning of the year, to me, fall is really the end. Winter is much too close.

I have a couple of books to look forward to though. "The Guernsey Library and Potato Peel Society" looks to be a winner. It's about the German occupation of the isle of Guernsey during the second world war. The book consists of many letters written by residents of the island and I'm looking forward to reading it. The second book is not out yet but I put the picture up for gratuitous yumminess. Your welcome. I don't think Gordon's book is out till November.

I've got a lot of letters to write today for the Pantry so I better get to the grocery store and take care of other errands so I can get to that. Not much sewing going on today. Maybe tomorrow.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Laid back Labor day Weekend

This morning, while it was still quiet, I was catching up with the blogs. I noticed Libby, one of my favorites, showed some adorable, very simple, small pieces she was working on. As she noted in her blog, when you cut pieces for one of these it's nearly impossible not to cut more than you need and wind up with enough for at least one more-possibly two more. Here are the two I put together the other day and they just need binding. I have another not quite put together yet so there will be three. I just wanted something fast and something to do a little bit of handwork on. Simple and fast and I needed to have some small pieces for gifts and this will get me pretty much done in that department. I can move on to finishing other things after the Labor Day hubbub.
We are having a nice weekend just enjoying each others company. The weather is delightful and my BIL Bob has gone into the city for a trip to Ellis Island with friends and then on to a great Italian restaurant. James and Dani are off to Target and other errands. I'm just checking in to say Hi! while I have a moment. Hope your weekend is as much fun.
I'll be back with come book talk soon. I found a bunch of great books on the horizon and that is exciting since, in my opinion, the book world is a little bleak lately. Fall looks to be a bit better.
Talk to you soon