Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Stuff is too polite a word.

I 'm fully aware that crap falls on everyone and life gets in the way of things but I can't help thinking that I must have done something really bad in a previous incarnation for all this stuff that is happening to the people I love. I realize that we don't have fatal diseases and life can surely always get worse but could we just get from here to Saturday without another load falling on us? A hurricane...REALLY??? A fricken hurricane. How about a plague of locust?

The good-
Roger seems to be improving. There's so much complicated stuff surrounding that I won't even try to explain. Suffice to say they let him have jello and chicken soup today. Possibly real food for dinner. BIL Bob is over there now so he will report in later. I was over this morning and they got him up for a very brief sit up in a chair. He's very weak but so far the news is getting better.

It's not much but it made me feel human-got my hair done.

The bad-
Roger won't be at the wedding or the dinner. There are certain medical procedures being done that preclude getting out of there that soon. Kidneys and infection stuff-nuf said.

I got stuck in a small elevator with a very pregnant young woman this morning while I was over there. We had a pleasant conversation and tried to be patient. Half hour later we said goodbye to each other and I wished her good health for her and the baby. I had flashes of me trying to deliver a baby in a small elevator and something ran through my mind that sounded like "don't know nothin' about birthin' no babies" Mercifully the engineer opened the door about that time so my sanity returned...if only for a brief moment.

Everyone I spoke to today asked me what I thought about Earl?? You know, Earl, the fricken hurricane. Go Away Earl!!!

I am on my knees praying. I just need Friday night at 7 and Saturday at 4:30- that's all

It's a really good thing I don't drink. Maybe I should start?