Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Tuesday Chit Chat

The things you find when you're not really looking! I paper pieced these bears paw blocks about 10 years ago and didn't even finish quilting it. There is only one set of paws that aren't done so that will be a snap. That's probably what I said right about the time I put it aside and started something else. Impulse control much Dee???
The pansies are making a riot of color this year. Usually we have gotten the little violas or mini pansies but this year Roger picked up a bunch of beauties of the large variety. This particular color, what would you call it, violet is so intense that in the twilight it looks like it's glowing. Reminds me of the way moonflowers look in the moonlight and early dawn. Very ethereal. So pretty.
Thanks for your comments on the diamonds mini but I have to say my favorite comment is from one of my favorite people and I can't stop thinking about those hypnotized chickens of Terry's. I wonder how that works although I can't imagine it would be hard to hypnotize a creature with a brain the size of a pea. It does make for a fun thought though. A whole fence full of hypnotized chickens-that's funny! Our neighbor across the street has chickens and at least one rooster since I hear him every morning welcoming the day. I know some people find that annoying but I really like the sound of a rooster crowing.
If you get a chance you should hop over to Jodi's blog, The Carolina Quilter and check out the quilt she made for her church on just about a moments notice. That girl is amazing at thread painting and just about everything else. Beautiful work Jodi. Jodi is a Bernina sewing machine dealer in Inman, North Carolina and her business is doing well but she still finds time to make something beautiful "in her spare time". I know she's chuckling at that one.
I better get myself moving. I have a few stops to make today and I like to get out before the crowd and the temps are supposed to go into the 70s today. That's ten degrees higher than I would like and the stores seem to be trying to save on A/C. by attempting to suffocate their customers. Great retail thinking. Let's see...can we make the store airless and hot and the prices very high and then lower them and call it a sale???!!!! Don't get me started on retail shopping in 2008.
Talk to you soon.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Chickens and diamonds

Because I adore you all so much and want to make your day a happy one, I want you to click over to Deb's blog and check out the fun. Go on...I'll wait....Jeopardy music............. Oh your back! Isn't she the funniest? For that matter, chickens are just hilarious without doing a thing. I'm always amazed at the sense of humor exhibited by nature. You just know that whatever the plan was for chickens, someone had a fabulous sense of humor that day.

And now, for something completely different-Above you will see my little harlequin mini blocks. I was looking for something different to do the other day and a thought popped into my feeble brain. Why not elongate a square block into a diamond...Duh! I had some scraps from something else and just sewed up a bunch of blocks. Don't know what's to become of this-I was just playing around as usual. It needs something different for a border-I'll let it age a little and think about it tomorrow(Scarlett)

I'm going to do some never-ending laundry and ironing and then relax with a movie or book. Haven't decided yet.

Talk to you later.