Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Baby, it's cold outside! We got the worst of it yesterday. More than a foot and now the temps are really down and it's windy.
We really haven't had a major snowfall in a couple of years so I guess we had this coming. That's James trying to find a place to throw some more snow so he can get to his car and un-cover it. We got there eventually. Not until it was almost dark out. Memo to snowblower users...the snowblower doesn't like bluestone.It just wouldn't quit snowing. Bah! Last week I had on a light shirt and the windows open. This will take forever to go away. Well, at least the sun is out.
All the "boys" finally went off to work and I'm doing some cleaning before I tackle some sewing things.
I made a quick little table topper for a friend that needs some light quilting and a border. As soon as I finish the border on another little piece that needs mailing out.
Blogger was very bad yesterday-in fact, the whole Internet experience was pretty bad yesterday. It's somewhat better this morning but not great.
I need to get going so I'll talk to you soon.