Sunday, March 08, 2009

Stuff happens

You know how life goes along smoothly for a long time and then one thing happens and then another and then something else and then you put your hands up and say Whoa Nelly? We are in the Whoa Nelly phase for the time being. Several health issues have popped up for us. My son has to have a colonoscopy next week-he's been having some stomach issues. My BIL Bob has had some health problems that require more than a band aid-actually they require some prayer and hopeful thought. My other BIL Richard is coming next week for a visit(don't even get me started on that subject) and it just seems like we need some serious attention to things around here that are not blog-worthy. I seriously doubt that I'll have much time for any form of sewing in the next week or so. That said, I hope to have time to read around the blog world and see what everyone is up to even though I just can't seem to find anything worth writing about at the moment that isn't about these health problems and who wants to hear about that stuff anyway. How's that for a run-on sentence?
I would ask you to say a little prayer for my BIL Bob, who means an awful lot to us here. I'll try to get back with news when I have some. Meanwhile, sew something fun for me. Back soon with good news I hope.
I blatantly stole these snowdrops from the Internet. There are some in my yard just like them but I haven't had a moment to get out and take any pictures. Monday we had a snowstorm and it was 20-today nearly all the snow is gone and it was nearly 70 yesterday. Same today. I even have to fan on upstairs in our bedroom it was so warm. Mother Nature-Whoa Nelly!