Thursday, September 09, 2010

checking in again

I can't possibly thank you all enough for the kind words and good thoughts you've taken time to send my way. It makes the day much lighter to come home and be able to take a few moments to read your comments. Thank you all.

I wish that I had some wonderful, exciting news to offer you all but while some things are improving for Roger, other things are not so good. They can't seem to wean him off the breathing tube. It has to come out since it will erode the esophagus over too much time so the next thing is putting in a tracheotomy tube. That means he can heal and in the near future go to a re-hab center but if he has any other breathing issues they can get oxygen to him through that tube immediately. The Dr. says it was very difficult to get the tube in and having to do it again would be even harder. Meanwhile, his Gastroenterologist tells me he is healing well from the gall bladder removal and pancreas infection problems.

I haven't had a minute to get photos from anyone and organize anything so here are a few more of the ones from my camera-sorry for the poor quality. The lighting was just very dark and in order to lighten then they got grainy. No matter-there are hundreds more out there and I hear that the video will be available to us sooner than we thought.

Above is BILBob, good friend Geri and our friends daughter Erika. Bob rented a stretch limo. It was great fun for all and gave me the opportunity to have a few delicious glasses of Cabernet. The food ws delicious at Il Mulino and never stopped coming. Little plates of fabulous Reggio Parmigiana and Sopressata. I had the veal Marsala and could have licked the plate. If you are ever in a city where they have an Il Mulino restaurant...go. The dinner was in the wine cellar and could not have been more lovely.

Bride, Bridesmaids and Deer in the headlights

Dani's Mom Cheryl, Me BIL Bob,Bride and Groom

Inside the chapel for rehearsal
This lovely chapel looks old but was, in reality, built not so many years ago by the husband of a patient at St. Johnland where Dani's Mom is a nurse. They have restored and re-painted the inside recently and are currently re finishing the pews. They were not finished in time for the wedding which is why you see the folding chairs.

Rev. Garret Johnson-Groom with best man
Chris and BIL Chris in foreground

Back with more when I can.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

checking in

Thank you all so much for your good wishes and prayers. The day of the wedding rehearsal, Roger was taken into surgery that afternoon. There were several issues including two large areas of fluid that were obscuring the pancreas and getting larger by the day. I sat with him until they took him up-left all the important numbers and cell numbers-ran home and although I missed the rehearsal, I made the dinner. It was a lovely evening with people who are very important to us and the room was filled with loving wishes, prayers, and even laughter. My son has wonderful friends and Dani's family and friends were all very comforting.
That night I called the nurse in charge of him and she said he was well sedated and being made comfortable as possible. They put in a breathing tube and various other lines. His gall bladder was removed as well. The pancreas was infected and that was taken care of. He currently is being fed through a feeding tube and is still sedated. They need to keep him very still so he won't try to pull out the tubes and IVs. There is talk of taking out the breathing tube today or tomorrow. Day by day is all we can do.
Excuse the poor quality of the photos. I don't have much on my camera and the lighting was very low. Dani's Dad Chris hired a video guy. The dinner was superb and it was so wonderful to see the happy couple finally married.
It doesn't look it in these awful pictures but I lost a few pounds these past weeks and my dress was too big for me. It tied at the waist so it didn't look too bad but it just felt uncomfortable.

below are my niece Alicia, my Brother Pete, SIL Diane, gal pal Terry and me.

Below is James friend Dave, who I've seen grow from a small boy to a man. We love Dave.

Getting ready to cut the cake

rehearsal at the Chapel-I hear it was very hot in there and they couldn't get a lot of the windows open. Fortunately the wedding day was much cooler and they got the windows open and a breeze throughout- it was lovely. Here are the Bridesmaids and Bride

Back with pictures as they get e-mailed to me by various people. This one came out so dark that it got fuzzy trying to even lighten it a bit. Diane took some of these for me since I was at the Hospital.
I'm trying to have faith and strength. Forgive me if I don't comment often. When I get a solitary moment I am checking in on you all and your words of comfort mean a lot to me.
Talk to you soon.