Monday, December 21, 2009

Snow Day

We had a little snow.
What are these mutant looking creatures with antennae in the drive? Apparently they have brought Homer and the donuts...all is well.
Would have appreciated this more in a few days but we're stuck with it. I only hope it's not a taste of things to come. Last year we had not a lick of snow and this year I was foolishly hoping to be in the global warming belt. Alas, there's so much that we are running out of places to put it and it's only the first fall.
Today is the winter solstice. I wonder if running around a tree nekkid and chanting would help? I'll have t round up the usual suspects for that. Well, maybe not. Don't want to scare the neighbors too much.
That's James there up to his knees in the stuff about two minutes before the snow blower belt broke. The mechanics around here got it fixed but today a new belt will be purchased ....just in case.
Roger is home since the Lab got over 2 feet of snow. If we could have known about the closing before 6 am this morning it would have been sweet. He's out doing errands and I'm trying to catch up with wrapping and cleaning. This time of year I always here the voice of my Oma saying you have to have things sparkling for the New Year. Well, I must keep in mine that Oma used fear as an incentive. That's just not my style. We have too much stuff and too many people in too small a spaces. It's a huge house but badly laid out. We need to knock down some walls in the new year. I'm ready with my sledgehammer poised......anyone???? Someday I would like to reacquaint myself with the pristine look of the house after my grandmother had inspected with white gloves.

I'm going to end now because Blogger is causing me to say bad words and wave my arms around in the air like a crazy woman. I can't move the pictures and it keeps freezing and I have too much to do.

Lastly, Before I go, I want to shout to the rooftops that our delightful Dani is graduating from Stony Brook University tomorrow. Now the real fun begins-looking for a job. We love her and are so proud of her for all the really hard work she's done. YAY DANI!!! James was lucky enough to get a ticket to the graduation tomorrow. Glad he gets to see is girl get her degree.

Merry Christmas to all my friends who celebrate that and Happy Holidays to everyone else.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's ALIVE!!!

I'm just snowed under with work for the Food Pantry. We are so blessed that people have just donated an amazing amount of food and money this year. I have only managed to get some of the things that need doing around here done in between thank you letters and such. Every year I vow that we will come up with another method of doing this paperwork and before I know what's happening, it's December. I confess that I've thought of several ways to make it simpler but they seem so impersonal.
My sewing room still awaits completion(jan. for that) and my house has a pre-lit but empty tree standing around waiting for someone to take pity and decorate it.
I went out yesterday and tackled some of the shopping and then the grocery shopping. I'm having a bit of trouble with my right knee. Trying to ignore it but some days it won't let me. I'm sure that will be the next thing to break down on this aging carcass....grrrr.

I'm checking in to let you know about a blog friend that makes beautiful things for sale. I wish that I had been able to advertise for her sooner but I hadn't ordered anything before. Suzan(the reluctant quilter on my sidebar) is an amazing sewing genius. She makes the most beautiful handbags and totes. They are elegant and made of lovely, top quality, fabrics. The workmanship is so wonderful. I can't recommend her bags enough. When I got mine I was blown away by how pretty and how much she fussed over the fabric and details. Do yourself a favor and check out her pretty Hazelnut Hill blog for a video and buy yourself something deserve it! I'm going back after the holidays for more for myself. Alas, the one I ordered is a gift(one I'm having a hard time wrapping up and giving away) so I can't show it here. Anyway go there and check it out when you can.

Finally, before I go back to the letter writing...sigh...I wish you all the blessings of Christmas- the joy of Hanukkah , and a Happy Festivus for those of us who, like George, are completely annoyed by it all. Seriously, peace and good health to all.

As a special Holiday gift Blogger is being a special pain in the ass...can't get anything to work right.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday This 'n That

That's off the list. Now it's on to the curtains and some relevant furniture. Whew!!

Hope everyone had as great a Thanksgiving as we did. There was enough food to feed an army and all of it was wonderful. We could barely button our britches( Oh alright, we have problems with that anyway) but this was special circumstances. Dani's Dad,Chris made stuffed artichokes to start, her Aunt Alison made whipped sweet potatoes with a brown sugar and nut topping that I could have just eaten by the bowl full. Wow was that good. Like dessert for dinner. The various kids were so funny and it was so nice to see Dani's Grandfather looking so well. All in all a great evening. The best dog in the world, Henry, was very funny. Henry is a Puggle who will lick your skin off snuffle snuffle, lick, that pup.

The day after was a quiet sleepy day. Saturday my husband decided to help me with things around the house that I hardly ever get to. while I sorted through clothes in my bedroom to give away(what a pile of stuff) and finished edging the paint in the sewing room, he straightened the kitchen bar top that becomes the catch-all for every piece of crap that comes through the door. He thinned magazines(gad what a lot) shredded papers, made the kitchen look so much better. Why do I feel so guilty when he does that. He washed the kitchen windows and I was actually annoyed with him. Probably because it was something that I should have taken care of a month ago. I felt awful and ashamed for letting it get to the point where they were really hazy. Must be that small German voice that comes along with guilt and shame, two very German voices in my head that I never get rid of. Thanks Oma.
We finished off Saturday by piling into Bob's car for a meal at a very small local Mexican place called El Ranchito. Six tables-real Mexican food. Delicious.

Sunday I went out and came back with a small turkey and we did another Thanksgiving. Really good and the house smelled so good. Plus I have left overs for sandwiches etc. This week I have to make a couple dozen cookies for Trinity Episcopal Santa Fair on Saturday. They are having a cookie walk. You pay $5. for a bag and then you can walk around and fill it with your choice of many different kinds. I'm making peanut butter and peanut butter chocolate chip. I also saw a recipe on Tommy's blog for crushed Oreos dipped in melted almond bark. Still tossing that one around in my head. I guess I'll see how the week evolves. Wed. I have an appointment with the Dermatologist for a new face...har Really, I have a small, itty-bitty, spot on my pert little nose that has turned white and I just want to have it looked at. Many years ago, when I worked for a Derm. I remember that something turning color was bad but something losing color was not so good either. My skin is cooperating nicely by breaking out in various different annoying things that hopefully will last till Wed and not vanish Tues. and come back Thurs. It's also time to have some sun damage on my arms checked out while I'm there. Seems like a couple of these freckles are bigger than usual. We'll see. After the appointment I'm heading to Tarjay for sheer curtains for my new room. The excitement it building now. As always in December, I'm looking at a few hours of letter writing for the Pantry too.

A VERY TALENTED, DEAR, DARLING, FRIEND of mine has come to my rescue regarding the bad circulation in my paws. Sometimes, when I write those letters, my hands really are cold and the arthritis really gets painful so I have been coveting a pair of those fingerless gloves that will cover my crabby mits. She e-mailed me yesterday and showed a pair that were on the needles and coming my way in the near future. She's the best. My adoration is well-founded.
Well, it's time to get a few things done before the guys come home. It's raining and dark out...I'll start by turning on some lights.....Talk to you soon.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Thoughts

I'm taking this opportunity to voice my gratitude for the many gifts I have been given.

I'm thankful for my family and the relative health of all of us. We each have something that has compromised our health this past year and with grace, and modern medicine, we have come out still standing.
I'm thankful that my son has found love and look forward to watching this sweet time unfold for him. Love really is grand.
I'm thankful for Dani who loves James
I'm thankful for Dani's family, who are gracious, kind, and smart. We have been invited to share Thanksgiving with them and are looking forward to a fun time with lots of their traditional foods. I've been asked to bring mashed potatoes and gravy, which I suspect has more to do with James than them. James doesn't feel it's Thanksgiving unless there are mashed potatoes and a gravy lake. I will apologize for allowing this forever.
I'm thankful for friends who make my day happier. Friends on line who I have enjoyed getting to know and for all they share with me both personally and creatively.
I'm most thankful that in 1984 I looked at Roger and saw that he would be the best husband in the world. He was already a true friend so it was a good bet. One I'm happy I made to this day.

I hope that you have a wonderful holiday with lots of good food and someone to enjoy it with.

I have finished painting the sewing room but am so overwhelmed with Food Pantry work right now that I must, once again, apologize for nothing quilty to show. We have gone from 100 to 140 families this year and the work never ends.
Anyway, the room is coming along and I'm learning to love the idea and the paint color. I think I would have liked it to be more blue but it is done and I'm not doing another color right now. I need curtains and a table for cutting/small ironing board and machine set up. One day I will sew again.....really.
Blessing to you all.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


It's been like living in crazytown around here. The weather is whatever it decides to be on any given day. Fall, late fall, winter, early spring...whatever. I'm certainly not looking forward to the snow season but maybe we could have the same sort of temps for a couple of days running. Just a small voice out here in the wilderness asking...pretty please. I love the 65 degrees but not when it's 35 the next few days.
As you can see by the photos we have had that swamp creating thing called a Nor'easter in my neck of the woods...or beach as is more appropriate for me. Here are some pics of the day that my photography staff(Hi Honey!) took on Saturday morning. We've had much worse than this so I would rate it as a semi-nor'easter...har matey.
The pics are clickable.
The pictures by the harbor look normal but believe me, that's not normal. On Friday, when I was in the village the water was over the bulkhead and into the parking lot. Rarely is there a time when you can step out of your rowboat(should you have one) onto the dock.

The picture of the flag in the park is another good indication since that bulkhead of rocks is normally a long way down-even at higher tides.

I really love what Roger did with this photo of the salt marsh which is normally not under water. There is a small inlet/creek which feeds this marsh and usually it is full of birds and rushes and you can tramp around on it. Not so much today.

Well the only other interesting activity around here is a really good one. Yesterday we painted the ceiling in my sewing room. We were unsure if the one coat would cover well but it did a nice job. Now on to the walls on Monday. To celebrate, we went to dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant last night. James had a Margarita and I should have but was so tired that I figured I'd be useless if I drank so I just had another fabulous meal. BIL Bob had the paella, I had chicken chile rellenos, and Roger had some sort of enchilada dish with 3 varieties. Man, is that place good. A few years ago I got a cookbook based on the recipes of Frida Khalo. In it was the recipe for this chile dish. It had all sorts of thing stuffed into the chile including nuts and, to finish, was sprinkled with pomegranate seeds on the cheese topping. The only thing missing from my dish last night was the pom seeds. OMG it was so many kinds of wonderful. I could eat there every day. Thank goodness it's a little drive because other wise I would be sneaking over for lunch. People who think that places like taco bell are authentic Mexican are so deprived. It's very hard not to make yummy noises while you eat this delicious food. I love the people who work in this place as well. They are so lovely and they all look just like they stepped out of a Diego Rivera painting. Two thumbs up to Quetzalcoatl-or as the rest of the family call it Q

Well this Sunday is quickly drifting away from me. I am making meatballs and spag. for dinner and I better get going on that. Thanks for stopping by even though there's nothing sewing going on. I hope to remedy that in the very near future even if it's only to get out the machine and make a few things for the church fair on Dec. 5th. They are having a cookie walk wich I will contribute to. You pay $5 and they give you a bag and you go down the row of cookies and pick what you want. I also saw a really cute pattern for some tissue holders that in only 4 easy steps and I'm told that the little kids love buying them for Mom's for Christmas. Easy Peasy-that's the ticket. I think it's in the latest issue of Quilts & More. I also saw on Dorothy's blog where she made some crayon holder rolls that look very easy and with some nice bright fabric would be little kid friendly for bnot too much money. All things to consider....

Anyway, have a great Sunday!

Thursday, November 05, 2009


Once again, I've been missing in action. I can't seem to get it together. Hoping that next week will go better. Roger has gone to work for at least a half day for the past few days. He's finally beginning to feel much better.Not complaining but my day just seems to get away from me when he's just leaving at 10-ish. Normally by that time I've got aload of wash and myself done and I'm ready to head off to errands and such things as the Library, the Pantry, or whatever. The last two weeks have been taking place down the rabbit hole.
Today, I did get to the store and decided that it was a good day for Chowdah!!. Do any of you watch the Simpsons? The mayor of Springfield(who sounds like JFK) has a fight with a french chef in his kitchen and they have a shouting match, each yelling their own version of Chowder. The chef calls it chowdair and the mayor chowdah. So it goes around here and yes, I am 61 and I watch cartoons...wanna make something of it?
Anyway, I digress wildly...I'm making soup! Clams, shrimp, mussels, tilapia and scallops. Creamy, New England, Seafood Chowdah.
Aside from that not much is happening. I may just give up the whole sewing baby quilts thing and buy the babies gifts. There is a plot (afoot, har) to keep me from being creative in any way. The latest distraction is sort of my own doing. I dropped s dish on my foot and for the first few hours it just felt a little sore. Yesterday it developed into a pain that I just can't stand. Shoes are not my friend. The dish fell onto my big toe-not the nail part but up nearer to where there would be a bunion if I hadn't had it removed years ago. Can those things come back?Well, now that sucker is bright red and reminds me of the days before removal when I could hardly walk without pain. Not nice, and since I don't do well with pain killers, I', not a happy camper right now. It's back to the flip-flops and it hurts less when I'm off it.
So, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! I will finish the soup for dinner and stay off my foot so I can go to the Thurs. Night Quilting Girls. We haven't seen each other for weeks and even though I haven't a thing to show, I'm dying for the latest dish and my two friends are great at that. I get more dish on Thurs. nights than a couple of months without them. It's a small village and there are some really strange people around here lately. Ho Hum, small town life....
Besides, they are both fabulous bakers and there's often a chance of getting something delicious with my tea and dish.
I have soup to make, wash to dry and elevation of the foot to accomplish so I'll try to get back soon. I was hoping to get some pictures of the fabric I've purchased and received in the past few months of idleness. I will try to get to that so you don't have to listen to my whining without a reward of eye candy.
Talk to you soon.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fabric Fondling

One of the Thursday Night Quilt Ladies has a very prolific family. There are two babies expected in the New Year. Neither of the couples care for really traditional quilts which kind of makes me happy. Not that I don't like the traditional baby stuff, but I would like to make a quilt in one of the non-traditional patterns that Amanda makes on her wonderful blog Crazy Mom Quilts.
I like the coin quilt she is showing now and, frankly, I like everything she does. A few days ago she even took some tiny pieces and just sewed them down to a background and it looks so cute. Can't really get much easier than that.
I went to the local quilt shop(I love saying that) and found the focus fabric on sale and we just wandered around and found these two additions to it in the store. I have a couple of others that I will throw in and, easy peasy, Baby Quilt #1
I haven't got a clue for the second yet. Maybe I should just make another with similar fabric.
So, there you have it. I will un-earth my machine and hope it's still working well. I just really need to sew something. You understand...right. Room or no room, In need to make something!!

Roger went to work today. That Z-pak stuff is a wonder. He went from really awful to pretty darn good in two days. I think a few nights of sleep un-interrupted by coughing will help a lot as well.
Chicken Enchiladas for dinner. Gotta go feed the crew.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Firefox rules!!

Hallelujah and thanks to all of you. I switched to Firefox and it immediately allowed me to open blogs and stuff I haven't been able to. I'll be back later. Right now I have a sick hubby who needs some attention and I could use a little sleep myself. Poor Roger was coughing so hard during the night he was choking. Finally went to the Dr. this morning. Since he is at risk for serious problems stemming from this bronchial stuff-they wrote him n Rx for a Z-pak and some serious cough meds. I'm sure he'll be out cold by this afternoon.
Again, thanks all for the tips.
By the way, I got paint yesterday-it's called Sliced cucumber-very clean and pretty neutral. As soon as my patient is better I'll paint. Don't want to add any paint smells to the already painful sinus & bronchial issues.
Nurse DiDi

Monday, October 26, 2009

And yet, more

I have noticed that a few people are complaining about Blogger and all the glitches. Such things as loosing your entire blog and not being able to post and some other freaky stuff. Maybe that's part of my problem. Maybe there's just too much crap with computers and blogs. Don't know. I'm sick of dealing with it and I've had my crack staff try the things that you've been kind enough to suggest. Here's the problem now. I have several blogs that I've been reading for a number of years. I can't even open them. The computer freezes and I get a message that says Microsoft Internet Explorer is not responding, blah, blah, blah. Also, when I go to a blog and they have a link I cannot open the link without it freezing everything and I have to close the whole thing.
Have I mentioned that I really hate computers and I think they are a plot by some un-named foreign country to make us all babbling morons. If so, mission accomplished.
I'm going to Tarjay, Home Despot, and possibly a stop at the quilt shop to see what's up because, seriously, there could be things I haven't seen and need desperately(har) that could take my mind off of the time-sucking, pain in the ass computer issues. What? You want me to hang around cleaning the house or something useful??? Nice try! Wish me luck

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Computer woes

I wish I could blame my mood on Blogger but I seriously think it has nothing to do with them and everything to do with my computer. I can't click on anything without getting messages that tell me that a program is not responding and then the whole damn thing just freezes right there....grrrrrrrrrrr. These are not sites that I'm going to for the first time. They are sites I've clicked on for years. I want a new computer. This one is such a royal pain in the butt that working with it is no longer any fun. It's been this way for days. I re-booted, disconnected and plugged back in, all the things that usually make it run better but NO. We just got a new modem a few weeks ago so I doubt that has anything to do with it.

Anyway, it's a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that I can't fall into the vast and dark ether and instead, get a few things done. All this is by way of saying I probably won't be blogging much, if at all, for a while and I am having trouble even leaving comments. Know that I am thinking about you, my friends and, when possible, stopping by to visit and see what's up. Hoepfully there will be an answer sooner rather than later but right now my go-to guys are down with terrible colds and feeling very awful. When they get better, I'll think about asking for help.

Hope you're having a more productive day than me. Poor Roger was coughing so hard he was choking last night so we got about 3 hours sleep. He has an immportant meeting to prepare for so the poor guy had to suck it up and go into work for a couple of hours.

Well, I'll talk to you soon, I hope.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This 'n That

Not much left in the harbor. It's that time when everything starts to look pretty but bare and spare. I kind of like bare and spare. That's when you see the real beauty of things I wish I could translate it to my personal life. I'm living in chaos.

I got a new dryer Saturday and when I called to have the town pick-up the old one they informed me that pick-ups have been suspended until November when they will hopefully be finished with the new sidewalks that are being installed on my street. It sure is a mess out there. I feel sorry for the neighbors across the street since that's where they are working. Those neighbors have a very steep driveway and a long stairway up to their house. Right now they have not had access to their driveway for at least two months, since that's when their driveway was torn apart in the construction. How on earth they get groceries up there I can't even imagine. I can imagine that they are very unhappy and can further imagine that the Village powers that be will have to do some major repair work on the foot+ hole that remains between the sidewalk and driveway....not nice. Anyway, the old dryer will have to live in the weeds behind the house until Nov. 23. Fortunately there is a sort of mini-forest behind my house and the neighbors don't have to look at a dead appliance for a month.

That's about all from me for today. Roger has a terrible cold and cough. He's hanging out at home today and I have to go to the Food Pantry to work for a couple of hours. Maybe I can round up some paint for the studio today or tomorrow. I need ceiling paint and wall paint. "It's very slow going-it's always something"..Roseanne Rosannadana.

Talk to you soon.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Goodbye to Eleanora

I've just returned from the funeral of Dani's Grandmother, Eleanora, who you can see in this picture from the engagement party just a few weeks ago. I wish I had gotten a chance to know her better. Eleanora was a force within her family. She had strong feelings about faith and education and in that vein, was determined that her grandchildren would get good education. She was, justifiably, proud of her family and was a woman of great faith. The Mass for her at St. Patrick's today was lovely and personal. She was well-known and loved by her church community, her family and friends, had a marriage that lasted and was strong for 53 years. It doesn't get much better than that.
Eleanora reminded me of my good friend Betty, who was similarly loved and important to her community. The sort of woman who makes one want to be a better person. While I am not a Catholic, I am always impressed by the Catholic Funeral Mass. It contains elements of great sadness and also great joy. No matter how you try not to, hearing Ave Maria always makes the tears come. There was a woman who sang it and had the most lovely voice. The Priest was Irish Catholic and delightful, he clearly knew Eleanora and it made all the difference. It makes me want to be a better Episcopalian. I fall short in so many ways lately.
Anyway, that's what I've been up to for a couple of days.
Thanks so much to all the people who left such nice comments about my Festival quilt. I'm preparing to paint my new room/studio. Probably won't get that done till this coming Monday. Anyway, when I get it done....sigh...I can, at long last, open my sewing machine and play with fabric. I need a table to sew on and I've wanted a real table-like a wooden dinner table. Yesterday, after the wake, I stopped at Wally Mart and found a nice one for around 90 bucks. Right next to it, there was another table that would make a great computer/cutting table. I think I will go with these two things and get the lead out. I feel empty and un-creative and a little depressed. Wonder if I'll remember how to use my machine? Wonder where I put it?????

Friday, October 09, 2009

Bloggers Quilt Festival Begins

Well, it's opening day of the Bloggers Quilt Festival. Click on the button at the top left of the blog for all the details, quilts and prizes.

and I can't wait to see what's up with everyone. The spring festival was an amazing thing with hundreds of bloggers participating all over the country and world. Fun stuff and lots of new faces and places to say hello to. There is so much amazing talent in our community, both blogging and quilting, that it's just a real eye-opener.

The quilt I'm showing today is one I made for my husband a couple of years ago. I began it while he was on a fishing trip to Alaska with his brother and I missed him a bunch. It's very simple Log cabin barn raising pattern and I'm showing it because nearly everything else I have is in big tubs awaiting the journey to my new sewing room. Also, I have a dozen UFOs and at least this one is finished and being used. I think I've shown so many others here often so this one made the cut since it happens to be on the bed and being smuggled in nightly.

If you want to see a really happy, and beautiful, quilt, go see Amy at Calico Cat. She's showing a Kaffe inspired quilt that lives on the wall at her house and brightens up the day.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a shout out to my friend Gerrie-Happy Birthday Dear Wonderful Gerrie! Many, many more to come. Love ya! I know I'm a couple of days early but I wanted to make sure I got it in.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

This & That

I know you're sick of the vacation but I've got nothing else for the time being and I'm trying to be more up to date about the whole bloggy thing.
The large ship is one of the larger Ferries to Bridgeport Connecticut. It's a wonderful. relaxing way to get any miles away from NY without having to deal with the hellish Long Island expressway or any of the horrifying routes off of the island. This way, we drive out east and take a lovely ferry ride and we're in New England in a snap. Takes at least an hour off the trip and makes the trip start peacefully.
The next photo is of a Fort in Kittery. It's right when you get into Maine and not far from Kennebunkport where we were staying.
These last two are from the Owl's Head Transportation Museum. It's well worth going to if you have kids or enjoy old cars and planes. Fun.
I'm thinking of joining the Soup Exchange that Amy of Calico Cat was talking about yesterday. I think a recipe is due on Monday. Check it out. I*'m doing Tortilla Soup, a big hit around here. Check in with her just for the pictures of her darling son Jacob. If you need a smile and something to brighten your day...Jacob is just the ticket.
Gotta go make dinner for the guys now. Talk to you tomorrow.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

...and still more

I tried to get a decent shot of this beautiful cross because it reminded me of the work that my good friend Gerrie Congdon does. It just had a very Gerrie feel to it. Click for a larger and better view. It is on the grounds of the Franciscan Monastery.

Yesterday I showed you the Nubble light and mentioned how isolated it was even
though it looks close. If you enlarge the photo and look right under the telephone poles on the left you will see the little wire basket that transports stuff and people. Strong stomach for that one on a windy day.
Here is a Gypsy wagon that has come from England and been beautifully restored inside and out. It lives in the Owl's Head Transportation Museum with many old beautifully restored cars and planes. It's such a nice place that even I enjoyed the visit to see all the old touring cars and coaches.
Anyway, that's really about all that I have for now. On the left at the top is the new button for the Fall Bloggers Quilt Festival. If you didn't get a chance to show off something that you made in the spring, click on the button and go see what's up. Only a week or so to go. Once the show starts you will need a cuppa and something to nosh while you go from blog to blog seeing the fabulous work that everyone submits for our viewing pleasure. In the spring there were a couple of hundred entries-it was amazing. What a great idea this was and I think there will be chances to win fabulous things in a drawing as well. All of this wonderfulness is due to the delightful Amy of Park City Girl blog, which is in my links(under Amy,Park City Girl duh)I'm really looking forward to it even though it is soooooo easy to get lost in the show and, thus, get even less done than usual.
I just got back from COSTCO with Terry and have to catch up with some more boring housework and, what else, laundry grrrrrrr. Surely there is a place in hell where people have to do nothing but laundry day in and day out forever...gahhhh
Talk to you soon

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More from Lobsterlandia

The weather in Maine went from this first shot to the last in a morning. Pea soup to glorious in a few hours. These are some more pics of Cadillac Mountain and the loop road. The black rocks are where magma rose to the surface at the beggining of time. The rocks go from gray to coral to black. Very beautiful.

Here, below, is a shot of Camden harbopr. One of the prettiest places and where you almost can't take a bad shot...except when the sun is shining right into the camera.

This picture is a shot of the outdoor chapel at the very pretty Franciscan Monastery in Kennebunk. You can stay there in one of the guest rooms if you want and I can't think of a more contemplative place to be for a day or two. It's very lovely. The pics are clickable for a better view. It's so quiet and the smell of the pine trees is like perfume. Surely all of the worlds problems could be solved there. Alright, maybe some of them.

This is Nubble Light. It's pretty secluded even though it looks like you could just hop over. There are a series of ropes and a small basket that transport both people and stuff. Looks like fun except when the wind is really whipping. It's not much of a basket and the ropes look a little questionable.
Well, that's it for today. Not a lot of sewing stuff, as usual. I have to get going on the sewing room. Especially since I added to the McDonald Fabric Collection during the visit to Maine. My fingers are itching to get going.
The weather here has turned quite nippy and a little damp. It's not helping that head cold that has moved itself into my chest. So much to do and I need some energy. Maybe a cup of tea and a round of B-12.
Talk to you soon.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Back From Maine..with photos

Here's a picture of Sal the Seagull. He's in the same place on the same rock every time we come. Someone must feed him there since he has absolutely no fear of humans and sort of looks at you like your a big pain in the ass for not having food. Sal lives on the Loop Road on Cadillac Mountain. The second shot is the fog in Boothbay one morning.

I don't have a picture of a pile-o-lobster but it would illustrate the swine-like behavior of all three of us in Maine....burp. We're back and fall seems to be in full swing around here. The wind is whipping the trees into a froth and the acorns are pinging against the sides of the house like firecrackers.

Maine was sublime. It always is but since we missed last years journey with Roger's illness, it was especially sublime this visit. These are shots of Kennebunkport. The days were warm but not hot and a lovely breeze blew around us all the time.

I visited a couple of quilt shops. Maine-ly Sewing not far from Camden and Sewing by the Sea in Bar Harbor. Somewhere along the way I managed to catch a head cold that has left me a little dizzier than usual. Seems like a inner ear thing that's making me wobble like a weeble. Not as much fun as it sounds. It's almost gone now. Except for the 200 lb. head thing.

Here's a shot of me catching my breath. The "boys" really ran me around this trip.

I have many more pictures taken by my crack staff that I need to sort through and a picture of the fabric(this used to be a sewing blog) that jumped into my bags. Not really all that much this time. I looked for some quality instead of quantity this time. There are two babies being born in Jan and Feb that I need to make quilts for and a possible wedding quilt(ahem) that needs addressing around here. My son nearly fell on me with joy when I got home. He had not one pair of clean underwear left and had to buy lunch out all week....poor thing nearly starved to death, HAHAHAhahaha, even I can't keep a straight face for that one.

Back tomorrow with more pics and news. Hope everyone is doing well.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Just saying hi!

The only thing I should win an award for lately is "Most Boring Blog Ever" Stuff just keeps getting in the way and since there's no sewing going on it's not of much interest so thanks for even stopping by.
Friends of ours from Virginia have come to stay for reasons that are anything but festive. Our friend has a sister who has battled breast cancer for a number of years and is now in her final days and fighting. We do not know the sister but Roger has been friends with them since high school and I've enjoyed knowing them as well-so we are happy to provide them with a place to land and sleep for the duration. It's a little hectic since we are making a list and checking it twice to pack for going to Maine next week. We are leaving next Sunday and going to Cape Neddick, Kennebunkport, Boothbay Harbor and Bar Harbor. My brother-in-law Bob is coming with us. He can use a trip away and since he is doing very well health-wise, it seems to be a go.
Meanwhile I'm washing and packing and buying last minute things. I was headed to Tarjay today but this mornings guest activity took longer than I expected so I never got going past the grocery store trip.
Tomorrow I will head out as soon as possible to see about a rolling bag. We usually use my BIL's bag but since he is coming along I think I'd better hunt up another one for Roger. I have a good sized cargo bag that suits me fine.
The weather here is lovely but Roger tells me there is rain ahead in the long range forecast for north of us...bah. At this point, it's been two years since we've been to Maine and I will be happy eating my lobster under an umbrella(you knew it was all about the food, right???)
Speaking of which, I've got to get the grill going for the steaks I found at the grocery. All I need to do is throw a salad together and we're good.
Hope your evening is as lovely as ours and that all of you are well and being very artistic......sigh.
Talk to you later.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Here is a picture of Dani's grandparents, Mom Cheryl,Dani, James & Dani's father, Chris.

It was the most beautiful day in months and everyone was so nice. There are some other pictures but,truthfully, I was enjoying everything and everyone so much that I didn't take that many pics. Dani's family are some of the nicest people I have met in a long time and they made us feel very welcome in their home.
The food was fabulous but we expected that since it was catered by a great Italian place. Eggplant Parm, Penne with Vodka, sausage and peppers and potatoes, and last but my personal favorite, rice balls or arancini. Good thing I was in public or I would have made a general pig out of myself with just the rice balls...oink.
Dessert was strawberry shortcake-cake, cookies, cup cakes made by Dani's sister Victoria and my friend Terry, chocolate mousse to die for, made by Dani's best friend and Maid of Honor to be,Annie. It was glorious and delicious.
I'm so happy for them. They're adorable together and make a great couple. Loved the whole day.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Today's the day!

Well, I hope to be back next week with pictures. Today's the engagement party. Many people, much food, and lots of cake and cookies....yum. Thanks for the help with the weather. It's a glorious day on Long Island. Blue skies, not too hot and dry. Amazing! Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend! It's officially one year to the many emotions...all good but just a little teary. Thank God I adore them both. I couldn't have asked for a lovelier woman to be a daughter-in-law.
Talk to you soon.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rainy Weekend

I thought I would leave you with some pictures of something beautiful to look at. Moonflowers unfurling while you watch them are a sight to behold. Some people say they have no fragrance but ours do. They have a fresh, green, clean, perfume only found in nature. The perfume is so slight it's almost elusive. Since they are only open for an hour or two at twilight and daybreak, you have to be vigilant for these short weeks while they open. Moonflowers are luminous in the evening light as if they had their own magic light within. What a gift they are.

As for our so called tropical storm....meh! It would have been a damp and un-pleasant gathering so we are crossing our fingers for next weekend. Cross your fingers for our couple....and us. All we need is one day-no rain-not much wind-and a reasonable temperature. Pretty please..just one day?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Big Favor to ask.

UPDATE-The party has been moved one week to the 5th of Sept. Thanks for all the help but the backyard in question is nearly on the beach and there were visions of the tent taking off sort of like that movie "UP" with all of us holding on below including Henry, the dog.
You can stop blowing now-Your all wonderful for trying though. We moved the food date and the cake date with no problem and everyone coming is fairly local-so now we wait and cross our fingers for the 5th.
I was wondering if I could call on anyone who still stops by here to do me a favor. Could you go to the door and face east and blow...hard! The engagement party is Saturday. There is a tent and lots of hard work making the garden unbelievably lovely and if that were not enough, there are a lot of people looking forward to a nice party. There's cake and kids and a water slide(which may prove prophetic). So in that spirit I just need you all to expend a little hot air to the east and maybe we can blow this sucker out to, two, three, BLOW!!!! Thank you for your participation in my mental health. You're the best and I hope to have pics to show soon.