Tuesday, October 06, 2009

This & That

I know you're sick of the vacation but I've got nothing else for the time being and I'm trying to be more up to date about the whole bloggy thing.
The large ship is one of the larger Ferries to Bridgeport Connecticut. It's a wonderful. relaxing way to get any miles away from NY without having to deal with the hellish Long Island expressway or any of the horrifying routes off of the island. This way, we drive out east and take a lovely ferry ride and we're in New England in a snap. Takes at least an hour off the trip and makes the trip start peacefully.
The next photo is of a Fort in Kittery. It's right when you get into Maine and not far from Kennebunkport where we were staying.
These last two are from the Owl's Head Transportation Museum. It's well worth going to if you have kids or enjoy old cars and planes. Fun.
I'm thinking of joining the Soup Exchange that Amy of Calico Cat was talking about yesterday. I think a recipe is due on Monday. Check it out. I*'m doing Tortilla Soup, a big hit around here. Check in with her just for the pictures of her darling son Jacob. If you need a smile and something to brighten your day...Jacob is just the ticket.
Gotta go make dinner for the guys now. Talk to you tomorrow.


Kay said...

You obviously had a wonderful vacation, Dee. Well-earned, I'd say.

Libby said...

*mmm* Tortilla soup - this California girl is hankerin' for anything that sounds like Mexican food right now *s*

Poker Hand said...

What words... super, a brilliant phrase