Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rainy Weekend

I thought I would leave you with some pictures of something beautiful to look at. Moonflowers unfurling while you watch them are a sight to behold. Some people say they have no fragrance but ours do. They have a fresh, green, clean, perfume only found in nature. The perfume is so slight it's almost elusive. Since they are only open for an hour or two at twilight and daybreak, you have to be vigilant for these short weeks while they open. Moonflowers are luminous in the evening light as if they had their own magic light within. What a gift they are.

As for our so called tropical storm....meh! It would have been a damp and un-pleasant gathering so we are crossing our fingers for next weekend. Cross your fingers for our couple....and us. All we need is one day-no rain-not much wind-and a reasonable temperature. Pretty please..just one day?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Big Favor to ask.

UPDATE-The party has been moved one week to the 5th of Sept. Thanks for all the help but the backyard in question is nearly on the beach and there were visions of the tent taking off sort of like that movie "UP" with all of us holding on below including Henry, the dog.
You can stop blowing now-Your all wonderful for trying though. We moved the food date and the cake date with no problem and everyone coming is fairly local-so now we wait and cross our fingers for the 5th.
I was wondering if I could call on anyone who still stops by here to do me a favor. Could you go to the door and face east and blow...hard! The engagement party is Saturday. There is a tent and lots of hard work making the garden unbelievably lovely and if that were not enough, there are a lot of people looking forward to a nice party. There's cake and kids and a water slide(which may prove prophetic). So in that spirit I just need you all to expend a little hot air to the east and maybe we can blow this sucker out to, two, three, BLOW!!!! Thank you for your participation in my mental health. You're the best and I hope to have pics to show soon.