Wednesday, April 08, 2009

There's no such thing as normal...

One of these days life will resume something resembling normal. Right? A therapist once told me there's no such thing as normal. She was Indian and sounded like Apu Nahasapimapetalon. I can still hear that lilting voice. Normal for me is not having to see another Dr. for a long while. That's what makes me happiest. I will strive for a Dr.-free month ahead.

I forgot to mention the other day I got a yard of the ruler fabric and a layer cake of American Jane. I've been away from sewing for a few days again since I had to go and have a redo of my mammogram. Whenever I get it done the left side always reads problematic. They tell me I am dense...well at least there...on the left side...quiet down back there. Anyway, I get it taken care of this morning and we can all take a deep cleansing breath now. All is well with the girls.

My nose is healing V e r y slowly and I have broken out in adolescent acne and a cold sore on my lip. Worry usually leads to both these things for me. It just looks ridiculous at 60. I would like to ask the powers that be if if we could come to some sort of truce. ENOUGH NOW???

When I left the radiation and sonogram I thought I would have a quiet day sewing. James came home from work with a pain that turned out to be acid reflux. He's medicated and sleeping now and I wish I had followed my first instinct and gone shopping a few towns over rather than going home. That'll teach me. Always go with your first instinct. Natures alarm bell.

I'm hoping the weather stays just cold and not snow. We have had a few left over days of winter creep in. The only good thing about April snow is it's gone in the blink of an eye and next week it will be 80 so I'm not going to complain.

Hope things are good in your neighborhood. Back soon and ready to greet the Easter Bunny.