Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Possible Plan of attack

Just a pretty picture of my all-time favorite flowers. There are not a lot of flowers on our property but in the early spring these beauties crowd around the front hill of the house. I could sit out there and smell their perfume all day. I know there are several companies who make perfumes called Lily of the Valley but, as is the case with most fragrances, nothing comes near the original scent in nature. I can't wait to see these little beauties. They make me so happy and I just walk around with them held up to my nose all day.

I'm not doing much right now but I like to check in with friends and see what's up. If you love gardens and people who work hard to make them beautiful, you can't beat Melody and Dave. On her Fibermania blog, Melody is currently beginning the gigantic job of planting and caring for a new and wonderful space. If you are like me, and waiting patiently for things like the flowers above, take yourself over there for an eye full of wonder. They have an orchard with all manner of apples and even, be still my heart, Asian pears. For me, you could stop right there and I'd be in hog heaven. My husband has had to restrain me physically from jumping out of a moving vehicle into an apple orchard more than once. I'd rather have fruit than candy, or for that matter, almost anything. Fruit from a tree...Oh My! When I was a little girl in the Midwest, there was a giant pear tree across the road. We had a tornado pass through the area and the winds took down that tree. I would go over there, crossing the road(very forbidden)at around 5 years old and eat myself sick on those pears. The tree was covered with yellow jackets who also wanted the fruit and I didn't care a lick. I remember being stung on the foot and arms-didn't matter, there was fruit to be eaten. Even at 5 it was all about the food. There was also an apple tree with the small kind of sourish apples you wouldn't normally care about-not me, I'd get up in those branches and pick those teeny apples and eat till my stomach hurt.

My point is this....if Mel & Dave know what's good for them, they will get strong flashlights and big dogs because I'm already dreaming about those apples and pears... Seriously, if you get a chance go see what's up at Casa Johnson. That girl has a green thumb and then some. Now if I can just find that map of Tennessee here somewhere.

O.K. now I'm hungry....bah.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Monday Misc.

This picture, taken by my talented photography staff , is one of many charming lighthouses in Maine. I'm sorry to say I can't remember which one but frankly they all are cute. Not sure why the pic looks blurry. It doesn't look blurry in my photos but when I uploaded it-blurrr.
I've got nothing to show today since there are some things that need taking care of around here. The first of those things! Nothing wrong but I have to have bloodwork done tomorrow to check lipids etc. Just thought I'd check in to say hello and if ever there were a good day to play hooky-this is it. The windows are open and fresh, clean, nearly-spring-like air is cascading in. I went to the grocery store this morning and did a bit of laundry. Really exciting stuff.

My friend Terry got home from her trip to Bermuda with tall tales of an under-water excursion in a tropical storm that didn't make her happy. I think everything else went well. I'll find out on Thursday night at our quilt group(all 3 of us). Next up for me is dinner-Jambalaya. It's all ready to go into the oven and smells pretty darn good. Chicken and sausage and rice. What could be bad? Talk to you soon.