Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Torpor-look it up

We are melting just like this lightbulb. This heat is very unusual for Long Island. More like a late August heatwave. Trying not to complain. The powers that be say it will be up near 100 today. It's always a few degrees cooler out here near the water but at those temps-who's counting.

We had a quiet 4th. Lots of good food and watermelon. It's a particularly good year for watermelon. Very sweet. It's really the perfect food for the heat.

There is little desire to do much of anything even in the air conditioning. I have some videos to watch and Roger just finished a book he tought was pretty good. It's a Michael Chrichton book that was from a found manuscript after his death. The book, "Pirate Latitudes" is something I plan to crack open later. What is it about this type of weather that makes us like zombies? It feels like everything is in slow motion and I'm in a cooler place than some. Makes me think of the word "torpor"-walking around like the un-dead. It's not that I could ever imagine living in this type of climate anyway but when we get this heat wave stuff it just reinforces my feelings about it. I guess I'm just a northern girl at heart. Normally one could go north for some relief but I've been reading my friend Joann's posts from Maine and the heat is as bad there as here. She works in a greenhouse-imagine how much fun that is right now.

I would spend some time sewing but that room is the lovely sunny one that I adore in the cold months. Not going there today air conditioning or not. Maybe it's time to get some kind of shades for the daytime on those sunny, side windows.

This summer, along with the heat, we also have a huge bug problem. Much of the stuff I planted is being eaten by who knows what. Everything looks lacy, and not in a good way.
So I'm here, plugging along and praying that the heat we are suffering now will not return in Sept. for the wedding.
Talk to you soon