Friday, March 14, 2008

WIPs-not Wed.

The fun thing about being totally disorganized is how easy it is to completely forget about an entire group of blocks. Regard....many nine patch Amish-like blocks. Enough for a good sized wall hanging when mixed with some plain ones. I love Amish quilts. The ones I saw many years ago in Pennsylvania Amish country are the quilts that first made my heart go pitter-patter. I was convinced that something so simple could not be so difficult. Hah!The funny thing is that sometimes, the simpler the more difficult it becomes to do the simple blocks real justice. All this is by way of saying that I found a cache of these blocks and it peaked my interest all over again. Sometimes it's really good to pull all the crap out of a bag and see what's going on down at the bottom. I have several of these type bags from various sources. My BIL Bob's cruise trips and some from the new trend to use cloth bags for groceries, which I like a lot. The other little top, really a table topper, just needs a binding sewn on and it will be off to a friend who needs something cheerful in her life right now.

Anyway, that's what I'm up to today. Yesterday was a weird day consisting of computer problems that began a week ago. Apparently we have something called splicers or some such thing that are outdated or in bad condition-whatever, they need replacing. Once a couple of things were taken care of by my crack computer staff(Hi guys-love you) our so- called high-speed surfing abilities resumed this morning. If you tried to contact me yesterday I probably didn't get your e-mail. If you didn't...what were you doing that was so important you couldn't shoot me a hello? Kidding.

Off to the Mighty Viking to play.

By the way, thanks for the tips on thread-Red Rock looks good and the choices are better.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Quilt Givaway..very cool

As soon as you get a chance to to this blog and see what's up for a giveaway
Old Red Barn
There is lots of great stuff there even without the giveaway. Very nice looking products made by the blog owner. The quilt is made with the Katie Jump rope line of fabrics which are very colorful and just the ticket to perk up any space. Go on now, get over there and get your name into the drawing. Info on the blog for what, when, and where.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I could have walked to Paducah by now

Thread rant-beware....not for the faint or up-tight.

I'm a very patient, polite and non-confrontational person. Maybe that's how I got to this point. The FedEx man just delivered me a package. I'll give you five guesses.......Jeopardy music.........


You might have guessed that my four rolls of ordinary off-white thread would be in the bag and further ask yourself why they would send 4 small rolls of thread FEDEX. But no....there is ONE roll, I repeat, ONE ROLL of 500 yards of off-white thread in a bag the size of a small child. Perhaps you remember when a charming young woman told me my rolls (4) of thread were in staging just waiting to be put in a bag an mailed, several entries ago. Now imagine how much fun it was trying to get another woman to understand what happened at that point, days ago, and what's happening now, today. I never yell at people or say rude things(except to people who call our unlisted number trying to sell things when we're on a no-call list and they won't take no for an answer the first two times)but it took all of my considerable quietness not to stuff a towel in my mouth and scream, lighted torches in hand, "Where's my effing thread?" It's official. There is now no such thing as customer service anywhere for anything. It is us against them and they have the thread. I will, from now on, take the advice of my friend Dorothy in Vermont and by from the place she suggested. I think it was Red Rock or something like that. I'll check with her comments a few days ago. I'd write her but she tells me that it's Girl Scout Cookie days in her house and that takes all the brainpower, will power, and patience a gal can have-she's probably on her last nerve and full of sugar.

Seriously, I have always loved Hancock's and recommended them happily to anyone needing supplies. That ship has now sailed.

Rant over..carry on.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

what's up with the internet and/or Blogger?

I'm not even sure this will go through since everything is very weird with the Internet and possibly blogger. I can't open many pages or upload pictures or even get comments to go through on some things.
Anyway, I went to the Dr. for a check-up on the cholesterol status and it's better-not a lot but at least a few points. The weight is the same but that's not bad since I thought I had gained a pound or two at least. All in all not horrible.
I've decided to take the Kaffe fabrics I got, and hope to be able to show you soon, and make them into snowball type blocks so I can highlight the beautiful fabric and not have to chop it all up. His fabric almost calls for that type of treatment. It was a toss up between something like a Bento Box block and this. I'll check back tomorrow and let you know which I end up with. With snowball blocks I can really show each pattern and I have a lot of bright Moda solids to use in the corners.
I hope this mess on the Internet sorts itself out soon. I miss visiting friends and commenting. In the meantime, thanks to all who commented regarding the Hancock's mess up. Good to know I'm not alone. By the way, the thread is still out there in the hinterlands somewhere. What are my chances of getting 4 spools of thread in a tiny package delivered???? Hmmm
By the way, we're all sitting on the edge of our chairs waiting to find out exactly what it is that Governor Elliott Spitzer paid $5000.00 for. That must be some trick!!! I wonder about his wife and why he had to drag her out on that stage for his arrogant performance yesterday....or...should we wonder about her if she went willingly. Poor kids though. Really disgusting behavior and the first time, in-I-can't-remember-when, that we were actually surprised and shocked by a politicians dirty behavior...really surprised. This guy has held more feet to the fire in NY than you can imagine. Like a dog with a bone. Rumors abounded that he was really hated in Albany though. I read an article recently in Vanity Fair that said there were people who spent their days just going over things with a fine-toothed comb to find anything on him...anything. Little did those people know that the FBI was already getting the goods. They say that there is dancing in the streets in Albany-the hum of happiness in the State Senate.
Oh Well-more to come soon I'm sure. They'll trot out that hooker and give her a book contract and, as Roger says, they are probably filming the made-for-t.v. movie right now.
Stand By...

Sunday, March 09, 2008

the thread thing...again.

I am late to the game but recently I have begun to fall under the spell of Kaffe. I think this fabric is actually designed by someone in his studio but never-the-less it just sings to me. I'm in a rich, saturated color phase. Since my phases last about a week, who knows what next week will ring. schizophrenic much Dee??? I like big bold geranium leaves and this has them by the handful.

I ordered some thread and a fat quarter pack from Hancock's last week and low and behold, my package came 3 days later. In it was a fat-quarter pack of Kaffe designs thread. The packing slip said there were 3 spools of thread in the bag but, alas, there was only the fabric and nothing else. So I got the phone and my credit card and my big-girl-don't-screw-with-me voice ready and called customer service. A very nice young woman asked for my packing slip # and would I hold. She came right back and told me the thread was right there in the shipping room waiting to be sent out. ?????? Have any of you had "interesting experiences" with Hancock's of Paducah lately? I've been using them almost as long as I've been quilting or about 2o+ years and every order lately there is something not right or they take really long to get here or they send me a card that says something simple, like thread, is back-ordered. How does a company of that size and time in business run out of thread? Oh well, I'll just have to wait a little longer. It's interesting though and I wondered if they changed ownership. That seems to be a signal in many a business for a change in customer service and not just in the fabric business.

So poor me, I'll just have to go play with my Kaffe fabrics. I can't imagine how I will suffer through but if it doesn't kill me, I'll be back tomorrow with more stuff. As I'm writing this I realize that it's already 3:30 and my day is almost gone. Is anyone else affected by the time change like me? I'm so tired and it takes a few days to get settled with it. Not that I don't appreciate the added sunshine, for some reason it just makes me feel exhausted. Later.