Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Even my WIPs have the blahs

I got some fabric from the Keepsake Medley mailing-it's a selection of Kansas Troubles fabric line. A little dull for this time of year-I wish they would consider the dark winter moods that prevail and perhaps they could send something that makes me go Yippee. The fabric is , however, beautiful-it's Moda and has a wonderful hand. I'm sure whatever I put it in will look lovely. I need to stop whining-sorry. I can't even stand the soound of my own inner voice(suck it up, Dee). I will not whine, I will not whine....
As you can see I'm still plugging along on the nine-patch. I really love the way those look. No matter what fabric you make them out of they're happy little blocks. I may set this on point and keep it simple-not sure yet. That is my style though. It will come to me as I work along. I don't often set out to make a copy of anyone's patterns. I kinda find this boring. It has to have a twist to it or I get ADD and will flit off to another project. For a girl that liked coloring inside the lines I have an amazingly short attention span.
The good news is that the temps are rising and the sun will make an appearance today. I have some errands and some Food Pantry work to catch up with so my day is kind of pre-planned already.
I hope you have some fun with your day.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

building things-two ways

Not sure if I ever showed this- I made it for my husband last year. When he went on a trip with my BIL Bob to Alaska-I cut out the strips and sewed like crazy. I think he likes it. It certainly keeps him warm. I just picked out every blue fabric I owned and cut strips from all of them for the log cabin blocks-I set them in a barn raising pattern because we often visit Amish country in Pa. and he has always loved the actual act of barn raising where all the families come together to build for a person. If you've seen the movie Witness, you will know what I mean. They make a party, of sorts, out of the work and it speaks strongly of community and family. Two very important things to my husband. He's a wonderful man-I am a fortunate woman.

I have to go grocery shopping today. We are out of a number of things. It's gray outside but warmish. The snow will be gone in a few days with these temps-fine with me.
My son is cleaning out his closet. There are no clothes in there-only huge bins of Legos-He still thinks we bought them for him-truth be told-I bought them for me. The other night he was down on the floor putting together a boat and he made me laugh. We will put them away in the attic or basement for the grandchild to be---someday. I signed James up for the Lego Maniacs Club years ago and he has some very expensive sets-like the space shuttle and Ferrari and a fabulous pirate ship. Some pneumatic pieces as well.
The reason I mention this is that he has the same bad habits that his Mom has namely-Packratitis. This is only a very small portion of his collection. I think since they were all in his closet-we have a new member of the Closet of Shame Club in our house. I just never really thought about it much before. Oh well, I guess there are much worse things you can see in your kids. Like mother like son...I'm ok with that this time.

Regarding yesterday and the Oscar dress-up fun. thanks for the nice comments. I'm never sure which way to answer so I think I'll try to replay in the comments themselves. If you get a chance go over to the link on the right and click on Red Shoe Ramblings where Deb has a link to her interview with my dear friend Gerrie Congdon-fiber artist extraordinare..and all around smart cookie. Yay Deb and Gerrie. Anther link you should not miss is Kristen LaFlamme-one of the most original artists working in fiber today. She lives in Germany, for the time being, and also has many great photos of the wonderful festivals taking place there regularly. Kristen just did an exchange of art with Terry of And so It Goes-another great site. I'm not sure who got the best of the bargan-I would kill to have a piece by either of them. Terry's "Bird & Rice Bowl" is an all time fav of mine. Well I'll leave you with these assignments for today(hee) and get to the store-I'm hungry(big surprise there).

Monday, February 26, 2007

Playin' Dress-up

Here is the outfit I wore to the Oscars last night. What? You didn't see me?? How very un-observant of you. This came about because Deb of Red Shoe Ramblings (link on the right)asked us to play along and pick outfits we would wear if we were attending the show and we were the perfect Hollywood body type and could wear anything- I found a number of beautiful things but frankly-red looks Mahhvelous on me. Just ask my husband. I won his heart in the little red summer dress. Yesseree!! So I had fun doing something girly-girly. I live with 3 guys and so girly girly things are far and few between. If I were wealthy-I would buy these shoes just to look at them. Deb will understand...shoe fetish here! Can't walk in them but who cares.

I seem to be in the doldrums-much like a lot of other blog friends. As a skip around the blogging universe I notice that a bunch of people are feeling as blah as I am. Still working on the nine-patch piece and looking for a pattern for some very special fabric I have been saving for a quilt for myself which my generous husband has said he will pay to have quilted in the far off future when I finish it. (Whew-runonsentence) I have collected fat quarters of really lovely Robyn Pandolph fabric for a couple of years. I just can't decide what to make them into. They are pretty, soft, florals. I have a couple of ideas I may play around with.

Yesterday we attended a birthday coffee hour for my late MIL Dot's best friend, Evie. She is known as Aunt Evie to us and she's very well known in our village. It was nice to see her. We don't get to visit with her nearly enough and she's so thoughtful and funny. After that we all came home and vegged out for the rest of the day. Woke up this morning to 3+ inches of fresh powdery snow. It's warm so I hope it will go away soon. I'm ready for spring. Here's my other outfit and, of course-my Manolos. Oh Baby!

Going to play with fabric possibilities-see you soon.