Friday, October 01, 2010

Just checking in to let you know that things are moving along here. Moving like molasses but moving nonetheless.
Roger is healing up nicely from the surgery. is breathing is doing very well and the sleep apnea c-pak thingy(tech term) is helping enormously. He was not expelling CO2 so he was confused and exhausted before the treatment. Now he's clear and thinking up a storm.
Physical therapy is working with Roger daily. It's slow going as you might imagine, for someone who has been basically immobile for nearly 8 weeks.
We are now looking at 2 rehab places nearby. He will need months of work but any steps forward are good ones.
He is asking for some types of mental stimulation such as reading and listening to books on CD. I got him "The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo" and several other ones.
Erika, who has been staying with me since the wedding, is going home to PA on Sunday. It's been wonderful having her here. She's great company and a big help. We have enjoyed our trips out for lunch, especially the Texas cheese fries at Chili's. It's probably a good thing she won't be here for a while since it's way too easy to jump in the car on a bad day and head for the fries.
Once again, thanks for all the good thoughts. I hope to be back with anything sewing related at some point soon. After I clean my house....agh! I came out of the fog yesterday and had a good look around. Seriously, it's a mess. Piles of paperwork, junk mail, unfolded laundry, and general dustiness. Yuk.