Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Movies & housework

Checking in with a couple of movie recommendations in between cleaning the kitch. "Goya's Ghosts" is very good and the make-up work they do to Natalie Portman is seriously award winning. Javier Bardem gives another winning portrait of a truly hideous human being. We watched "No Country for Old Men" Sat night and boy does he play evil well. Very gory but so well done. "Goya's Ghosts" is not really gory but it is about the Catholic Church in Spain during that time& dah, dah, dah.... Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! Sorry, I couldn't help myself. "Silk" is about the silktrade and how it gets from Japan to Italy. I enjoyed it. Not sure about how the guys would like either of these.
I am in the spring cleaning mode and everything has a film of winter ick on it. These little treasures above are things that I have collected or been given to me over the years. Funny, how we look at things every day and suddenly one day you realize 40 years have gone by. Well, maybe not so funny. Just eye-opening. The small pieces are fetish from the southwest. I have a beautiful Katchina that Roger bought me some time ago. A favorite piece of mine. But that's a picture for another day.
I wish I could say that I have something quilty to share but life seems to be getting in the way right now I should change the picture at the header. Maybe putting that up there is actually coming true. I have many blocks of the Lavendar Passion ready to lay out but no-where to lay them. Such is always my problem with larger pieces.
Well, I must get back to the household stuff and the beef stew that is simmering away. I think the guys will enjoy that. I just lunched on a dish of left-over gnocci from the other night and don't have the nerve to eat another thing today.
Hope your day is as lovely as ours is out there. Very bright and slightly limey green. It's coming along nicely out there.