Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This & That and Books

Who says I can't manage to avoid doing the things I should be doing?? Here are some of the many ways I'm not sewing. In a week or two I'll be in a panic. In the mean time I'm enjoying the things you see above. So many people have told me how much they adore 'Pushing Daisies" so I had to try it myself. Very, very much fun and well done. At least the first couple I watched. Why don't they make tv like this more often?
I got "My Father's Paradise" because I read a review of it that made me really want to have it and it lives up to the review. Very well written. Simply because I can't turn down a historical biography, I will probably read the "The Other Queen" which is about Mary Queen of Scots. I'm currently reading "The Loves Of Louis XIV" which is written by Antonia Frasier. I like her writing most times but this may be a little too dry even for a history buff like me. I'm reading it in small bits here and there. The fact that I can easily put it down and not look back is always a bad sign for me.
In an effort to make me feel guilty about not quilting or sewing, I received another monthly package of fat quarters from Keepsake. They have a decidedly Halloween feel to them and are, in fact, called "Not quite Halloween" I'm not sure of how I'll use them but it's a sure thing that they won't be for this Halloween.
This afternoon I made a big pot of Italian vegetable soup with hot sausage and potato. You can make it with tortellini or other pasta but I didn't have enough of either of those things on hand. I'm making cheddar biscuits with it and calling it a day. It's perfect soup weather. Cool and a little damp.
Hope you have a great night.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Brilliant passing

Fall is really in full swing around here. I think the trees are confused though. Or maybe it's Mother nature herself. There is a lot of really vibrant green around yet and then there are some trees like this one in bright beautiful yellow. The driveway and grounds are covered with beautiful color even though the guys were out there bagging up loads over the weekend. There are hundreds of trees and vines out there. I had intended take the camera down to the harbor or to the beach but I was much longer at the big box store that starts with a K. I really don't like the place but it's the only store that sells certain things that I need for the house we can't do without. I managed to escape the whole holiday-in-December-that-we-won't- name-yet. They had a huge display set up with pre-lit trees and all the Martha decor. Good grief that stuff is expensive and really kind of cheesy for a lot of money. I just took a look-see and passed by. I was looking for a wreath with some autumn theme for the door but the stuff was picked over and also pretty cheesy. I'll make my own. What was glaringly obvious though was that I was one of about 3 people in the store. They had checkers lined up and waiting for people that weren't there. The economy-most likely. Also it's Monday morning and I suppose a lot of families shop on the weekend.

Since I didn't make it to my other destinations I plan on getting out tomorrow to take some pictures. The guy that lives around the corner from me has put up his haunted house for the kids again this year. His has dinosaurs. The entry fee is some type of groceries for our Pantry. Last year he filled two pick-up trucks with stuff and delivered it to us. He's a great guy. Sadly, his house is on possibly one of the worst curving pieces of road in town. It's really an awful place to have a bunch of cars stopping and people in the road. He has such a neat piece of land though and it's right down by the salt marsh where it could be really spooky at the right time of day. All those un-dead dinosaurs and such...eeekk.

The Dr. is supposed to call me with a time to come and get my pneumonia shot. Considering my last experience with an injection, I'm really wondering about getting this one. Roger didn't have any problem but then he didn't have a problem with the flu shot either. I need to think about it more.

I started the window toppers by measuring a couple of panels and that's as far as I got so I'd better get on with that.

Talk to you soon.