Saturday, January 12, 2008

I Give You....The bird

Lookee what flew in and landed on my plant table. It's a most adorable Terrybird. I'm so thrilled with this little guy that I just keep going back and checking him out constantly. I'm not sure why I refer to it as a him, but it just fit that way. Male birds are most often the most beautiful anyway so a he-he shall remain. Thank you so much Terry of And Sew It Goes. This little bird is constructed so well it's amazing. I keep looking at the minuscule stitches and how he's put together-what a great job. I fully expected to love whatever you sent as part of the PIF but getting this is doubly sweet.
Not doing much today except for various cleaning projects that have languished for months. Before Christmas I shoved(literally)things into big bags and thought I'll figure this all out in January when it's 3 degrees and I can give it all my attention. It's still spring outside in Jan. in NY so I guess I better just forge ahead or I'll never get back to making anything. The area I'm de-cluttering is what is laughingly called my "studio". It's really a corner of my already messy bedroom or what I now call "the pile". There is not a lot of room for working there anyway but right now I need to find the bottom. The only interesting part of this type of clean-up is that it's like an archaeological dig. I will find things that I couldn't live without and have been buried for months. Wish me luck and send out the hounds if you don't hear from me soon.
And finally, great big smooches to Terry Grant.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Holiday Bounty & Book Talk

Ain't it great to have friends. Not to mention generous family. Last night was the Thursday Night Quilt Club. We hadn't gotten a chance to get together all December. That's not unusual-we don't meet then because everyone is so busy. In the past we have gone out to dinner but last night we decided to just visit with each other and glom onto the goodies. My friend Pam gave me a couple of things but this lovely little panel is the sweetest thing. It's really pretty and these pre-printed things are a snap to put together. I've been looking for something different for the kitchen wall. This will do just fine. My pal Terry gave me these earrings(sorry for the pic quality, I couldn't get the glare out)and they are very pretty. They are made from gold, copper, and silver. I really like them a lot and they're not heavy.

The other day I took a trip to Borders to see if I could find anything to spend my gift cards on(heh). I got several of my favorite old movies and an interesting book about Lady Jane Grey. I am currently absorbed in reading about history. It's not bad but I just started it so I'll let you know. I threw in the "Kabul Beauty School" even though I didn't buy it the other day. I wish I could recommend it more but I came away from it with mixed feeling. I didn't think the woman was a very sympathetic character and I'm not sure why. It was interesting but she just turned me off with certain attitudes. I'd give it a meh, and no more.
These two are a couple of books that I read reviews of and thought they might be good. They're not bad but I wasn't crazy about them either. "Queen of Fashion" is about Marie Antoinette and her clothing and fashions of the day and how they affected politics with regard to her head coming off becasue of what she wore. It's o.k. but becomes tedious when they go into almost too much information. For a book about fashion I was looking forward to more pictures and there are not that many. "Veil of Roses" is a book about a young woman who comes to America from Iran and needs to marry before her green card expires. It, too, is o.k. but no great shakes. It's kind of a sweet story with lots of information about dating an Iranian woman and how culture shock affects her relationships with various Americans. It's interesting but I'm in the mood for a book I can't put down and that is rare lately. Haven't had that since "The Space Between Us" & "The Kite Runner".
I have vowed to get out the mighty Viking and sew something so I'll go and get myself dressed. I was awake at 4 am this morning for some unknown reason so I'm not sure how much energy I can maintain but we'll see. Hope your day is a good one.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Stuff & Nonsense, with laundry

I've always been suspicious that there are some strange goings on with the laundry. Sometimes when I close the door there's something similar to #4 and then in the morning it looks like #6 or 7. Hmmmm. The strange case of the multiplying clothing pile.

When we built this house, my thoughtful husband made the plans for the master bath a little larger to accommodate a washer & dryer. The idea was that since I had back problems-the laundry would be virtually a snap since it's a hop, skip, and jump away from where it has to go. Rather than break what was left of my back running up and down with it from the basement. All in all, not a bad idea. Here's where the story takes on a life of its own. There is never, EVER, a time when all the laundry is done. I could do laundry all day-till the boys get home this evening and not a piece left(if only) and not an hour know. hat's just the way it is. But I sure would like to know what goes on in that room over night.

Today is another glorious day in January in NY. I don't want to evaluate why or think about the reasons this may be happening. I'm just going to try to appreciate walking outside in my shirtsleeves and listening to the birds. They, too, are confused but happy sounding. I need a haircut desperately so I am off to try to wheedle an appointment in a hurry. I always let it get to dramatic proportions where it makes me feel un-tidy and wretched looking. I'm there now. My haircut is called a wedge. It resembles what Dorothy Hamill used to wear. In truth it looks very much like Terry Grant's. Short, gray-blond and a bit poofy, then verrry clean all around my ears and neck. My hair is now all over my neck and has no shape left. Agh! I hate that and I can't stand to fuss over hair stuff in the morning. When there's no shape I have to do something with it. Otherwise it's wash and wear. Why Oh Why do I wait till it's horrible?Anyway, I'm off to appreciate the temps. and some errands. See you round the dryer.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

It's January...right?

What a rare day in January in New York. It's 60 degrees out and the sun is shining. I just couldn't waste this opportunity so I got myself dressed and headed off to Target, Borders, and a finish at the grocery store for a few items. I never made it to the beach to take some pictures but I found these old pics the other day. They were taken in the late 18 & early 1900s. That pretty little lane there is the main road that runs parallel to our house. It's now a main thoroughfare and the road to one of the beaches on the bay side. You turn one way and find yourself at the Sound looking at Connecticut and the other way you find yourself on a stretch of beach that doesn't look that much different than this picture. The only thing missing are the shots of the million dollar McMansions that crept in during the later part of the last century. It's all private now, except for the small public areas. When I was a very young woman I had many friends who lived on this beach and there were always parties in the summer and fall. Of course we had to defend ourselves from the Dinosaurs that roamed the earth then.
I mulled over the concept of staying home and sewing today but once I opened the windows and felt the warm spring-like air I was lost. I know this will all be over in a few days. Especially since last week at this time it was 12 degrees out. So, I'm going to make a cup of tea and read a magazine and make some dinner in a while. Rain tomorrow, but still sort of warm. I'll take it as it comes. This must be what it's like to live in California. I'd be happy to just have 50s for the winter. I'm wearing a linen blouse and walking around outside-works for me.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy Dance & Bloggety Goodness

What a great Monday this is turning out to be except for the fact that I can't open Gerrie's blog or leave a comment for her. Don't know what that's about-hope it's better soon. I'll try again to link to her later

First I get a "you make my day" award from Gerrie. What's really so wonderful about it is that she put me in with a group of really talented women and I'm thrilled to be mentioned in the same sentence with all of them. Must stop blogging and sew something soon.
Then, as if that were not enough cool for one day, I open Terry's blog and find myself the soon-to-be recipient of one of the lovely birds that she has made.I was lucky enough to be one of the 3 PIF recipients. This means a lot to me since I was not lucky enough to be able to buy her "Bird & Rice Bowl" which is so beautiful. Some other lucky New Yorker got her hands on it before I could.
Anyway, this is just the best day.
The sun is shining and it's 55 degrees in January in NY.
Now I'm supposed to give the award to 10 people that make my day and tell them on thier blogs about it. I really don't like picking out people. The only way I can do this is to pick people who are the first ones I read daily and the ones who have made a difference in my day so often. Anyway, here goes. Along with Terry & Gerrie, Dorothy-wicked funny-great talent Red Shoes Rambling Deb-great writing as well as sewing. Mrs. Mel-very cool, very dear first blog I ever read so it's all her fault Wanda- the prolific & unbelievable talent Amazing entries, fun, informative Michele Just plain breathtaking photography, needlework, and a recently published writer- Tanya in Japan-fabric & Japanese culture Kim-everyday something new and exciting to see. Fabulous photography Rian-amazing artist-with recipes too. Her piece called "Chinese Gothic" still gives me goosebumps.
Wow, I really hate making lists. There are so many other wonderful blogs I visit that make me smile and are so talented. It feels a bit like Jr. High to have to pick only 10. The first blogs I open each day are Gerrie and Terry(rhymie, heh). They up-date almost daily and always have something to teach me.
Thanks, ladies, for the gifts you give each time I check in on you all.