Sunday, January 18, 2009

There, that's better

I just know I'm going to kick myself in the morning but I changed the plan for the baby quilt. Has that ever happened to you? HA! I just wasn't digging the other fabric or the random(stupid) pattern for the sweet little darling to be. So I went to Bonnie Hunters fabulous website and found a pattern I had been looking at for some time. It's a Delectable Mountains pattern and since the couple live in Washington State, It seemed appropriate. The great thing about that pattern is that it's much like a log cabin. It changes every time you change the layout and offers so many possibilities. I'm going to curse myself in the morning because I dipped into my Robyn Pandolph stash that I was saving to make something like this for myself....sigh. I probably can't find any of these fabrics again since I've been putting them away for a while. Oh laid plans etc...
The pattern is so easy with her directions and it's really fun and kind of mindless sewing with great results and a great fudge factor if you aren't too experienced. I think on her site it's called Scrappy Mountains Majesty. It would be a great pattern for scrappy fabric so I'll keep it in mind for use again. I only have 4 more block sets to finish and then I can lay it out and sew the top. Maybe tomorrow.
We got some more snow...bah. I really hate winter here but I must keep in mind that I have friends who are buried under this stuff BIG TIME! Meanwhile, I've been reading, cooking, sewing, and cleaning. I was going to make chicken soup today but BIL Bob is home from New Orleans and has graciously offered to get take out for dinner. Woo Hoo!
Hope your Sunday is a sweet one. Roger is off tomorrow for MLK Day so we are having a long weekend. Looking forward to the warm-up that's supposed to be coming later this week. The Thurs. Night Quilting Ladies still haven't exchanged Christmas gifts. Maybe this week.