Monday, April 30, 2012

Trying Windows live writer..fingers crossed

After taking a break of several hours I decided to give it one more go and set up windows live writer. Don’t want to jinx myself but it looks like it might work. I don’t have much more time to devote to it today but here are a few details. I am leaving for a few weeks to attend my neices wedding and to spend some time with family in a beach house before the wedding. On that note I have spent the last few weeks very busy adding to the economic upturn(huh?) by buying a lot of new clothes and shoes and travel stuff. I haven’t really bought any new clothes in quite a while-probably since Roger passed away. So I closed my eyes and held my nose and just went for it. Many trips to Kohl's, Chico's, Coldwater Creek, Lands End, Dress Barn, and other assorted places to drop a bundle, I think I have enough to get by. I still have a couple of things to do like hair cut and color next week and a trip to Ulta for cosmetic stuff. I still have a big list but it’s looking like light at the end of the tunnel and it appears not to be a train.

The house building is on hold till around very early June. It’s all ready to go-we got the permits and think we have a contractor who is making up an estimate. I’m going to really live it up on vacation since I may have no sheckles left soon. The past weeks have been taken up with travel stuff and the next many months will be a complete chaos mixed with a lot of theatre. I’ve been on the outside looking in on friends who have gone through that theatre so now it’s my turn. I hope to have a new camera and have some pictures after we get back. Both the trip and the build should provide plenty of fodder.  I have done no sewing or quilting except finishing a baby quilt for a young woman who is an unwed Mom to be shortly. I had an extra top made from that Whimsy fabric in a checkerboard pattern. The mother to be is a high school student- a friend of a friend of Terry and can use all the sweetness we can give her. It’s a lonely place to be for her. I’m hoping the quilt for her baby will make her smile.

That’s all I have time for today and I’m about to hit Publish. Fingers crossed….

miss you all but blogger sucks...big time. Can't do this anymore