Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Still no quilting going on...grrrrr

Here are a couple of photos of Christmas day with the darlings. They really are so adorable together. The table before the chaos and a few things under the tree. Remember how we said we were not going to buy much of anything since we just got the new monolith for the bedroom? Well...looks like it didn't go according to plan. We were all too good to each other, as always.
It's hard to believe but I'm still trying to finish with all the Pantry paperwork. I'm trying to do a little every day but beginning to think it would be better to just plow through all of it and be done. Roger took a stack of mail out with him this morning.
I have no more time today for that since I was out and the search for leg of lamb took me to more than one store. The place I usually get it didn't have anything that looked nice. It was all packaged in plastic wrap and very unpleasant looking. I wound up getting a fresh ham. That's another favorite around here so no one will be complaining. I'll just have to go to a butcher next time for the lamb. Maybe for Roger's and my 25th anniversary. It's Feb. 4th and usually turns out to be a horrible stormy or frigid day. Note to any young couples interested, don't get married in Feb. I'm filled with nostalgia since Jane Ann just came back from Hawaii and blogged about it. Now friends of ours are celebrating their 25th by leaving for Hawaii tomorrow for a week. One of these days we'll get back there. Jane Ann made me laugh when she reminded me of the chickens on Kauai. They are everywhere. It's basically a giant garden and the poultry runs free. Very amusing. Chickens turn up all over the place. It shouldn't have come as that much of a surprise since we live very near a small farm that has many chickens. Sometimes when I would walk with James in his stroller you could see them roosting in the trees. That was funny. They got just enough lift to make it into the smaller trees and they would make that funny cackle as if to say, "Hey, who says chickens can't fly?"
I'm looking for some new girly fabric. Our niece is having a baby in February. Good time to think about it huh? Terry said she would be heading to JoAnn's possibly on Friday and I may tag along to get something pinky and pretty. I really love making baby quilts. When we went to North Carolina back in July, Holly's daughter, Tatum had brought along the quilt I made for her from Aunt Grace fabrics in a Hugs & Kisses pattern. I never really see where my gifts go that often. It was neat to see her hugging her quilt and dragging it around. Despite all the loving it was getting it looked pretty good. Pays to buy good fabric after all.
We are having a very quiet New Years this time. No partying or dinner out. We're just hanging out at home. I'm thinking of making a seafood stew with clams, shrimp, mussels, and some fish with white wine and garlic...is that cioppino????? (thanks Gerrie for the spelling) Whatever it's called, I think that what I'll do. That and a glass of wine and we should be snoring by midnight if not before.
Hope you have a Happy New Year.