Thursday, April 30, 2009

Anyone for a trade? & Bunny Adventures


I got these darling fabrics from Keepsake in my Medley of the Month. They are very sweet but I have sworn off the baby quilt making until I have a grand kid of my own. My feathers are a little ruffled in that area. I should learn my lesson a long time ago but I still insist on making things for people and so my ruffled feathers are all my fault. Anyway, these darling Moda Pampered Pooch fabrics would be sweet for someone who is making a quilt for a little one. What I need is background fabrics in any type of off white, cream, beige, white on that. I will trade my 6 fat quarters for yours. Let me know.

The other day V of Bumble Beans took pictures of her city surroundings and reminded us to look up. It made me pay a little more attention to my own. I don't have skyscrapers and such but I do have the occasional interesting wildlife.

About 2 weeks ago Roger discovered a bunny feeding on bird seed in the yard. He's a good sized bunny and lives in the thicket along side our house. It's dense area that is alive with birds and chipmunks and such. Now it appears to be the home of Mr. Bunny, who by the way is quite adorable. As bunnies are wont to do, Mr. Bunny likes to eat the tender young things growing in the area. Since it is a large yard and full of green shoots and tender vines I suspect he really likes his new home a lot. A few days ago I noticed the hillside volunteer tulips had bloomed again this year. They are bright red and the squirrels must really like that color since they have moved a larger number of bulbs here over the last couple of years. We didn't plant them and, at this point, there isn't another tulip on our property so I know they were filched from another yard and brought here by furry little paws of some sort. Anyway, I thought they were so bright and pretty and then off to the grocery store I went. About an hour later I came home and 3 tulips were dead headed with only an errant red petal laying on the ground...hmmm. Yesterday, the bunch of 5 had two blooms left. Apparently, bunnies consider tulips something akin to Fritos in the people world. Nice little snacks. So here are the pictures of the remaining tulip petals and a shot of where I think Mr. Bunny has made his little house. The pics are clickable.

I really love watching the critters around here so it doesn't bother me that they lunch in my yard. I do think that the chances of growing tomatoes this year have become a little more slim. I hope they don't like Moon Flowers because it isn't really summer here unless we have our Moon Flowers. I guess we'll see how this develops since Mr Bunny is very brave and hangs out in the open where, I suspect that, Mr. Hawk is keeping a close watch on his lunch....nature often solves it's own problems for me around here. I'd be sad to lose him though.
That's all the news from the hill for now.
Let me know if you want to trade-I could send out a package on Monday.
Back to the sewing.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Got Wheels???

Hey...knock knock....hey! I'm trapped in my house...without a car. The upside-I'll probably get something done. Why is it though that when you don't have a car that's the moment you MUST DO SOMETHING IMMEDIATELY but YOU DON"T HAVE A CAR.

I know it's a mind game but weird nevertheless.

James is having his Baby#2 (car) painted this week and so he is using my car. Dani (gorgeous daughter-in-law to be)is his Baby #1 but she doesn't need painting. He is starting a new job next Monday and it involves more money and a ridiculously short commute(about a mile)so he is loading up the various pieces of the Baby #2 that have been worked on or abandoned for newer car stuff into my SUV and taking them to a dumpster. For the last few days he has been very sick with a stomach virus not of the swine variety(thank goodness).

We are all fine so far. I just got a little stomach bug and I'm fine now. It was so little in my case that it didn't even effect my consuming a couple of slices of pizza last night. Italian food is like mothers milk right? It cures whatever is bothering you. Good for colds, flu, viruses, etc. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

I'm working on the Blocks for the American Jane and I think I've gone as afar as I want with it. I also sewed up some Log cabin blocks from a nice assortment of fabrics I got in a Keepsake monthly shipment recently.

The last picture is a gallon bag of cut selvages that I have been saving since I found the fabulous Selvage Blog of Karen Griska. If you haven't had a look go now and do so...I'll wait...Jeopardy music......Isn't it cool. Seriously you can spend a while viewing the amazing creations of people from all over who decided that selvages are so pretty you can't bear to throw them away. That and because I needed another fabric passion(ahem). She asked for people to show their collections of selvages and mine is so meager that I am shamed but want to remind everyone who knows me to save their selvages for me...Terry. On the right side of Karen's blog there is a pattern for flying geese using selvages that is very cool looking. I must try this when I get enough saved.

Anyway, May is just around the corner and everyone I know has a birthday in the next two months so I better get going on some gifty things.

Of course, I could avoid all this if one of you would come and pick me up for lunch-I'm buying???Anyone????