Thursday, December 04, 2008

New Roof 'n stuff

When up on the roof there arose such a clatter....Today's the day folks. Here are some guys getting the new roof started. There are many more of these guys on my roof and the surrounding area. The stuff is flying off all around and it's hanging on trees and bushes all over. I sure hope they clear up all the crap that's lying all over. Tar paper floating through the skies and the banging...ugh! I just dropped in to say Hi and for something fabric related I finished the binding on a little pre-printed thing for Christmas. Nothing creative going on here, just something to perk up the house and get a little festive mojo going.

I'm making Chinese for dinner. Chicken and snow peas. Easy peasy just saute and make a sauce-make some basmati rice and there you go. I think I'll make myself a cup of tea and some tylenol. No chance of dropping off for a quick 40 winks today but that means I'll get something more done. I am on letter 41 of the 55 letters I need to get done. My eyes are rebelling. I'll take a little break and then gt back to it later. It's funny, I'm so secluded up here and I don't pay it much mind but I feel like I can't wait for these guys to finish. I find I really don't like having anyone here during the day. Can't concentrate and it feels weird. with all the guys outside. I don't like curtains but today I wouldn't mind having them. Nothing against the guys, just weird.

Hope you have a good, and quiet, day!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Christmas Art and stamps

My late Father-in-law Jim had a large stamp collection. I think of him often but never more than this time of year because we had a number of discussions about stamps and art. Although I am a not what anyone would call a good Episcopalian, I am a woman of great faith. I have many questions regarding organized religion and in my everyday life I am part of a very eclectic and ecumenical group and, sad to say, have not seen the best representation of faith, humanity, or compassion among my fellow members. Be that as it may, I have a great love for religious art. In particular, representations of the Madonna and child. As you may know, this is a subject that has been made into Christmas stamps for many years now. This painting is one of my favorites. It is by Botticelli. I love his bright use of color and the Christ child is represented as a sweet, chubby, darling boy. There are some Madonna & Child paintings that are bleak looking. That I think is a sign of what ever time they were painted in. This painting comes from the Renaissance period. A time of re-birth of society and culture. Given the time that came before it, the Renaissance was a recovery from darkness, death, and starvation. I have seen some wonderful ethnic paintings and religious art coming out of Mexico and other Latin countries as well. I really like them very much too. Of course the wonderful Russian and Greek Icons are a wonder as well.
I miss my Father-in-law very much. He died on Christmas day after a very long period of illness. I miss our conversations. At the end he didn't want to talk much and couldn't see. All that was precious was taken from him...except us. It must have been so hard for him and since he was a very circumspect and quiet man, I can hardly recall our conversations at the end. But I can recall our talks about stamps before that time.
In the end, the stamps have come down to me. There are some that my BIL Richard wanted and I would gladly give him those. The ones that mean a lot to me are the collections he gave me as gifts. The reason they mean so much is not because I couldn't live without them but that he gave me a gift he purchased himself. Pop never purchased anything in his last years. He never left the house and if someone needed something he might pay for it but he never went and bought things for anyone. The stamp collections mean a lot to me because of that. I wish there had been more time. Isn't that something that we all say?
At any rate, those are some thoughts about Pop and stamps that come to mind at this time every year.
I'm not sewing. Too much to do for the Pantry and my family right now.
I got my Christmas present early this year. Well, it's really a gift for both of us. My eyesight is giving me a great deal of trouble and I couldn't see the television from the bed in my room. It was too small. Roger came home with a 40 inch flat screen for me last night. He's such a wonderful husband. So now there is a monolith in the bedroom as well as the living room. We said that it would be our gift to each other. Well, other than a couple of small things.
I've got to get back to work. There have been some computer problems in the past few days and it's messing with my getting things done. Thanks for letting me babble. I really just wanted to get that turkey off the page a little.
Hope your days are merry and bright!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Turkey Day-Take 2

I blatantly filched this from the web because we forgot to take pictures and consumed the bird faster than you could day gobble gobble.
It was a much nicer day and we were happy to have Dani with us to pig out. I got a small turkey and there's hardly a piece left. We have a sweet stuffing recipe that my late MIL Dot always made and we still love. Surprisingly, my son and Dani both enjoyed it as well. As I've said, for James it's all about the smashed potatoes and gravy lake.
Please keep your fingers and toes crossed for us. The roofers are supposed to come tomorrow and it would be a great thing if we didn't have too much rain for the next few days. Winter is coming fast and we need to get this project finished before we have to run around and catch rain in pots and pans for winter. The roof is ancient on the older part of the house and getting some of my relatives to start a project is like pulling teeth-all of them.
I would dearly love to do some sewing today but I'm happy to say that I will be writing letters of thanks to a large number of people in the community for their generous outpouring of money to the Food Pantry. The day before Thanksgiving I stopped by to pick up the mail and nearly fell into a carton of vegetables that was as big as I am and generously donated by a local small farm. We are basically a Pantry of canned goods and a few frozen items so when we get fresh groceries it's a treat to be able to get them to the families.
I'd better get myself moving so I can finish this work and possibly work on making the place ready for some decorations soon. I have new window toppers and it goes without saying that it would be nice if people could focus on their lovely barn-red color rather than the cobwebs and dust.
Thanks to all for the nice comments. Back soon.