Friday, April 02, 2010

Hey! What day is it??

Wow did this week get away from me. Time just seems to be flying by. REALLY! All those trite sayings about the blink of an eye are true. I'm working on the baby quilt doing machine stitching...eeeeeek. I'm trying not to be to critical of myself and a friend suggested a very simple approach to the machine quilting. I went to the machine and tried all the fancy stitches, thinking that I would use one of them as a single tack every few inches or so. It's not bad and better than tying it to death. I'm not in love with that anymore.

We have taken to asking James about things in terms of "the last whatever here at home", as in "what would you like for Easter dinner for your last one as a single guy etc". The result is that we are having Thanksgiving for Easter. Turkey with all the trimmings. Roger and I would dearly love to have a great piece of roast beef or Leg of Lamb. Red meat is supposed to be out for the BIL Bob(not that he doesn't filch the extra burger after he's finished his chicken.) The Happy Couple doesn't particularly like lamb. It's not a fav for James and Dani has the whole " eating Mary's little lamb " problem so turkey it is. Good thing we are happy with that choice and frankly what smells better than a turkey cooking? Sadly for me, I think the temps are going to be near 70. I'm hoping it won't get that bad here near the water. We do tend to get the off the water breezes that keep things sort of cool. Here's hoping!

Roger put up a design wall in the sewing room for me. I can't wait to get going on some of the things I've started that are just a bunch of blocks right now. Got the cork boards up too. Thanks Honey!
Terry and I drove out to JoAnns last night. I started quilting and realized that I was nearly out of plain white or ecru thread and I had no lavender or yellow at all. Since the baby quilt needs either of those, I picked up a couple of rolls of each. There was some half priced Easter stuff that Terry needed for a child's basket. Other than that, not much to get excited about.

I have much to do to clean up around here and I hope to get back to the quilt and at least work a little on it today. It's so beautiful out. Spring is pushing through and that subtle green is everywhere. Just lovely.

Hope you have a beautiful weekend.

Monday, March 29, 2010

I'll update the blog later but I wanted to give you a chance to go to the "Interpret This Blog" for the monthly reveal. Really great work and once again, I love seeing everyone's take on the subject. So many artists, so many ideas. Wonderful. Leave them a message if you can. They really appreciate the kind words and critique.