Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Baby's Baby Boo Boo & the trip

I'll give you the bad news first. My son was in an accident. He's fine but his Baby has a crushed nose. Just enough of a push to cause problems with alignment and other stuff that all adds up to $$$$$. It's getting the once-over to see if it's even worth fixing. This may mean nothing to you and I but this car is his BABY. He washes and tweeks and polishes and improves and compounds and such. I am so grateful that he is alright but there is that little part that feels really bad. he's in that stage of life where every time he gets two nickels to rub together something comes along to screw up the momentum. Now he probably has to get a junker to drive while the fixing is taking place or another car all together comes to stay. Again, very, very happy that it wasn't worse. He's just getting the old Poor Baby Moment from Mom.
I may have confused some of you regarding the trip to come. We aren't leaving for a few weeks. I've just had to throw myself into gear and shop for things I've needed for a long time. On that front...I think I'm done. I have re-vamped the wardrobe enough for now and can't thank Lands End enough. They are a great company to deal with and they make clothes that fit women who are not size nothing and don't appreciate looking like a teen-age slut. By the way what's with the tops that look like maternity wear? How many women of my age and size should be wearing maternity tops. Further, do these women think they are hiding any aspect of their figure by covering it in billowing, blouson , empire cut, shiny, material of questionable origin covered in giant screaming red poppies? I saw some sights today at the mall that nearly struck me blind. Well I'm making sausage & peppers and I must get moving. I'll take your kind wishes for a good trip and just save them for a couple of weeks. I hope you have a great Memorial day Weekend. It's Roger's birthday on Sunday. We have a few things planned. The picture above is one small portion of the huge patch of Lily of the Valley in front of the house. The smell is heavenly. Talk to you soon.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Darcie-Hand dyed beauties

First, I want to thank all of you lovely women who were nice enough to look at my Amish-style small quilts and leave such thoughtful comments. You all made my day and then some.

The luscious beauties below came to me in the mail yesterday from Darcie Grager. Darcie is a long-arm quilter and fabric dyer extraordinaire. I wish you could feel these gorgeous fabrics. They look like suede and feel wonderful. She's amazing. If you haven't been over to her blog to visit and see the amazing work she does, don't miss out on seeing some real beauties. Anyway, a few entries ago she showed a mariners compass and the fabric was dyed by her for a class she was giving at her sister's shop "Comforts of Home" in N. Dakota. Those ladies are one talented team. The fabric she showed(above) just made me think it was time for another Amish-style quilt I have had in mind for a while. As you can see, the colors will be more muted and less black. I'm thinking of using black as an accent and that will be lots easier on the eyes for hand quilting. So-thanks you Darcie for this beautiful fabric and for the special surprise piece that was included in the package.

On the vacation and birthday front, things are humming along and I finally found some pants that fit nicely as well as sandals and jammies etc. I have much to accomplish this week so I'll cut things short today and just say, again, thanks for visiting me. Once the trip is over I hope to get back to posting on a more regular schedule with actual quilty stuff to show. Talk to you soon.