Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spring Break

Can't take any more pictures of ice and snow so here's how I wish it looked. Really, the icky stuff is almost gone and we have now entered the gray and brown phase. Colors will appear soon-but for the time all is gray and brown with a side of dirty snow. Bleah.....
Sorry I have been a poor blogger lately-several things going on that just took time away from it. No sewing going on & too many Dr.s appts. Hubby is still getting up at dawn to make early physical therapy appts for his shoulder-the son had an appt this week to touch base with our new and wonderful Family Dr.-- Love him! We all love him. I had to have the mamo re-done and then a sonogram to make sure. Apparently I not only have large boobage-but it is also very dense(shut up) Anyway!!!! Tah Dah!!!! Happy to say all is clear and fine. Phew...
My brother is coming to visit this weekend and bringing my adorable 11 year old niece so I must clean the house since I don't want to scar the child for life with the horror.
I started to put the heart donation quilt and backing in a package to mail to DebG. yesterday when I noticed that one of the heart appliques was coming away from the surrounding fabric. I will fix it as soon as I can and ship it off next week. Sorry about that Deb.
Well, I must be off to do battle with scrubbers and sponges and vacuums Oh My! I got 2 interesting books from the Library this week-One is called "Private Lives of the Impressionists" and the other is "The Yellow House" and that is about Van Gogh and Gauguin and there brief time together in said house. Maybe because my mind has been too distracted to concentrate this week-I'm having trouble getting into them. They are both such interesting subjects but seem to be written by veddy, veddy, serious arty types(read dry and boring). I thought it would be full of great stuff about the artists and their....welll...private lives. Nah, so far they are so dry I have trouble keeping my eyes open. The Van Gogh is better than the other but not much. Like I said, maybe it's just the mood this week. I'll give them another shot next week. Sorry for the lack of quilty stuff-I'll give that a better shot next week as well.
See you soon

Monday, March 19, 2007

Bright Shiny Day

Oh Happy Day! The sun is shining and the ice is melting. The kid quilts are on the way to Amy and the quilt for the woman soldier, Molly, is on the way to Fran in Colorado. Very productive day and a delicious weekend. Chinese for dinner last night so I had the whole day without cooking or even thinking about it. Hooray!I will get the heart donation quilt top into the mail later in the week. I'm sort of involved with a number of nuisance things this week and the house is seriously filthy-feh!
Thanks for leaving me all the nice comments. It really makes my day to hear from you.
Here's a picture of what a sad young man, without his girlfriend, looks like after 5 hours outside chipping and shoveling. James couldn't even get his car up the icy drive covered over by the glacier. Dani couldn't get up here so it was a-gahd!!!"stuck in the house with us" kind of day. He watched a bunch of DVDs and I watched all 6 episodes of Elizabeth I. Roger did taxes. We left a wide swath around him. It's so sad when he whimpers and moans. Poor soul.

In case you're wondering what the sign in back of James says and you have forgotten your Latin-It says Hic Habitat Felicitas- or happiness dwells here. I gave it to Roger on our anniversary way back when we were just starting out. We saw it on a Charles Kuralt, Sunday Morning biography about a very poor black man in Georgia. This man had nothing, barely a roof over his head, but he loved to read and had educated himself in this way. He was a laborer and all he really owned were the books that lined the walls of what literally was a shack with few everyday conveniences that we all take for granted. He had, other than the hundreds of books, this sign on his wall . It makes me smile every time I see it and sometimes reminds me of what is really meaningful in my life.

It's on to the grocery store and, as always, laundry had managed to multiply alarmingly overnight. Shenanigans in the night? I think so. See you tomorrow.