Saturday, November 25, 2006

I screwed up something when I posted the first pic-not gonna change it now-later ladies.....

In the closet-in a frenzy

This is what happens when you don't know what you want and you can't find what you are looking for...FABRIC FRENZY. I am hanging my head in shame. Let me also say that I'm a gemini-full on snakes in the head gemini....When an idea strikes-back away slowly-run- and don't look back. I think I'm in a sort of manic phase-that's good in some ways and REALLY bad in other ways like this closet situation right here. The smart thing to do would be to take it all out and re-organize it by color the way it should be. MMMMMnnnnooooo. When the frenzy strikes-the crazy get going.
I'm not one of those folks who need to go out and join the maddness at black Friday weekend sales-there is almost nothing I can think of that I need badly enough to enter the twilight zone of consumerism this weekend. I'm fortunate enough not to have to go to a regular daily job so I'll wait until maybe tues. or wed. and head to JoAnn's. I need wonder under and backing for the boy's quilt and for my nieces too. I need thread-May order that one on line since I found I like that King Tut thread I got at the fabric store in Maine. It's varigated and really silky. I love it. I only use it for top stitching though since it costs King Tut prices.
I leave you with a picture of the best thing I ever did in my life(James) and hope you have a great weekend. If anyones looking for me-I'll be in the closet. If you don't hear from me-send in the troops I may be on the floor under all this stuff.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Leaves- fabric wip done-art wip..not so much

Here is the fall quilt that I finally finished putting the binding on. It's been sitting around so long there are creases in the middle that I hope are not permanent. I will attempt to press it later.

The sketch below is one I started last year and put aside. I have few of these. and this one fell out of a pile when I was unearthing something else yesterday in my work space. I started it as a gift that was supposed to be for my friend for Christmas last year. I wound up buying her a bunch of fabric and a book instead. I lack confidence and technique. When I do one of these drawings I almost always have the urge to do MORE. What I mean is I just can't leave well enough alone. I have to go back and add more-outlines, more color, more everything. I need a sign that says LESS IS MORE-Put Down the Pencils and walk away... So....I'm usually unhappy with my results and I find unfinished pieces like this collecting dust. Attitude adjustment needed here! I'm off to the store now for a number of last minute things-fruit, wine, flowers and lots of Tylenol 8 hr. The weather has turned dark and stormy here and I feel achy and tired-Winter sucks but I don't really like summer either. I already have some whine with my wine...Have a happy turkey day everyone.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It's all about the bird, baby

Thanksgiving Horoscope for Gemini
You're the sign most likely to bring up interesting and controversial topics at Thanksgiving dinner.
Your signature dish: Sweet potatoes with marshmallows
Your signature dessert: Pumpkin cheesecake
This holiday: Play bartender. You're family is much more lively with a few drinks in them.
when they're right they're almost right. Love the sweet potatoes and love the marshmallows but not so much together. Pumpkin cheesecake totally rocks the holiday. Just give me a spoon and leave me alone with it. I don't really need to play bartender though since the family are all really good at helping themselves to various libations without any prompting from me. The guys are all about beer drinking before dinner and in front of the football game. Dinner itself is always a good deep, rich, red. The other day someone mentioned Ravenswood and I second(or third or whatever) that motion. I also like a nice Zinfandel and Merlot. Depends on what the husband or brother-in-law picks up tomorrow and I long ago stopped caring about the red with meat and white with fowl thing. There will be pumpkin pie(no cheesecake this year)and whipped cream, because for me it's really about the whipped cream(German heritage here-whipped cream in everything, that's how I got this way)Whipped potatoes(mmmm),sausage and cornbread stuffing-asparagus and all the fixin's. Last but not least there will be fresh fruit-melons,berries,etc. Something for everyone. Oh!-I forgot the gravy and cranberry. I make a pan gravy with just juices and 1/2 Knorr turkey gravy packet and enhanced with a good stock. It's not thick like "stand a fork in it gravy" it's thin and more about the turkey flavorand we have the old-fashioned cranberry that you plop from the can and can cut with a knife(they like it that way, what can I say) Well, that's Thanksgiving around here. If the weather is nice we all troop to our beach, less than a mile away, for a nice walk and to collect beach glass for me. I have several large glass containers of beach glass. That started years ago with a gift of a piece by my little boy. Now people bring me beach glass from all over. It's lovely. As for the controversy in the first part of this quiz-I leave that to someone else. I'm usually too busy to take part in many BIG conversations and most people in this group know how I feel about hot topics without mucking up a perfect day with that stuff.
Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful celebration and plenty to be thankful for.

Monday, November 20, 2006

the naked truth-sort of

I took a look at Rian's blog- Rian's Pages - this morning and she commented on the size of handbags and asked us to be brave and show the contents. Here you go. The only thing not showing is the 3000 reciepts I had stuffed in the bottom which I have now put through the shredder-thanks Rian!
Years ago I worked in the cosmetic business first as a make-up artist and then as a buyer for imported fragrance lines. It required me to be made-up and well dressed every day. I miss this to a certain degree. I'm no longer the size 8 who lived that way and I love me my comfy clothes too much to change now but I still have the handbag and shoe attitude. Sloppy bags and shoes are telling to me. That is not to say that I don't have some sloppy shoes and the occasional old bag(besides me).It's just that it's one of the things I look at. Shoe shopping is therapy to me.
My niece recently had to take a trip into Manhattan while she was visiting us so she could go down to Canal St. and look for a Vuitton knock-off. She got a good one-but then she went up to Madison and 5th and bought a Coach bag for $200.00. She had saved all her money for months just for this one small(7x9) Coach bag. It wasn't even a traditional Coach leather bag that's made to last a lifetime. It was one of those fabric things they retail to young people today. And it was white. Last week she went to look at colleges and left it somewhere in Wyoming. Still got the $25.00 knock-off. Hard lesson learned for our sweet Michelle.
Anyway-thanks Rian-for making me clean out my bag. It's not a big one-only about 9 in. and sort of square.A Liz Claibourne on sale from Macy's last year. Not really big enough to hit someone with in defense like the old lady on Laugh In years ago. I agree with Rian about the gigundo bags-If you're in a store around here on a busy day you constantly find yourself being bumped-not by people-but by these bags that are big enough to hold clothes for a weekend in the country. However-I do have lots of keys. Along with mine-there are keys to a number of churches in the community. Running the Food Pantry means I have to pick up food from several deposit points. It was easier for them to give me keys than to come down early in the a.m. and open doors. Maybe when I finish that pick up stuff, I'll take myself for some shoe shopping therapy-perhaps a new bag too. Really thanks Rian-I don't need much to get me motivated for that. Hope everyone has a great day!