Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Falling into place

Here's a shot of a dining area at Il Mulino, where James & Dani will have their wedding celebration. It's a very lovely, highly recommended, upscale Italian Restaurant in Roslyn. There are several Il Mulino in various places across the country. Las Vegas, two in Atlantic City at Trump Casino, and so on. I'm just so happy for them. Everything sounds delicious and the place is beautiful. That's some of what's happening. They finally got their apartment which they can get into in a couple of weeks so now the push is on to get things of great importance like furniture. It's a cute place and a very nice apartment not too far from us. Last weekend they met with the Minister who will marry them who also just happens to be one of my husbands oldest friends. It won't be long now before they are in their new home. I'm excited for them and a little un-settled at the same time. When I look at James now I get this funny watery sensation in my eyes and have to look away a bit. Keep repeating to myself that this is not an ending but just a new part of our lives. Deep breath...
I have been in a bit of a cleaning frenzy that I suspect comes from the desire to keep moving and not think too much. Last week I had some pain in my knee and a whole new pain in my hip of such intensity that it was causing me not to want to do anything but sit around feeling blue and old. I discovered an arthritis med that made the pain go away in those places and for the first time in years I had no pain in the number of other places that I guess I've become so accustom to. I felt like shouting from the rooftops "This is what it feels like to be pain free!!". Anyway, a few days of the med. and I feel pretty good so I resumed my walking on the treadmill and being more active. It doesn't seem to bother my stomach either. Fabulous.
I got some more dvds to watch since TV sucks so much right now. By the way, Nurse Jackie is sooo good. I can't wait for the new season to be on dvd. The Mel movie(Edge of Darkness) was good too. A little action adventure is good for the soul. Now I have rented Mad Men's last season. I read somewhere that The Good Wife will be available in early Sept. on dvd. Today I am watching a mini marathon of "In Plain Sight" which I highly recommend. The characters are great and the actors are wonderful.
It's time to go figure out what's for dinner and wash the kitchen floor. Fun Huh?? Sorry for the lack of quilting stuff but right now I'm just overwhelmed with other stuff. Soon enough there will be time for lots of things like sewing. Thanks for hanging in there with me.
Talk to you soon.