Thursday, August 06, 2009

This & That

I finally got my new glasses and I can seeeeee!!

There are some things I have to catch up on and I'll be back next week with something that resembles sewing. My fingers are itching to get back to the sewing machine and some fabric play.

It's finally beastly hot like a regular August. Hot and humid and sticky. We are still in the weather pattern that is wet, gray, and oppressive though. Not a nice summer at all. I hope this doesn't last too long or we will have a winter to reckon with.
I've been checking up on what you are all up to and I see so many lovely quilts and especially love the Doll Quilt exchanges and many designer blogs that have popped up lately.
My husband is taking off Fridays for the next little while to use up some of the time he has accumulated at work. We are heading out to spend the day together tomorrow and have a nice lunch out east. Possibly find a farm stand with some tomatoes for BLTs. There is a really bad tomato blight here on the east coast that is also affecting the potato crop. We usually have beautiful Jersey tomatoes by now but the pickin's are slim and the tomatoes are hard, thick-skinned, grainy & fibrous inside. Yetch! Hope to find something better at some of the eastern farms.
Anyway, Back next week with something blog worthy. Have a great weekend.