Thursday, March 19, 2009

Great Mail and Good Reading

Interesting story. About a year and a half ago, I did an exchange with another blogger. I sent her a bunch of quilting books I was no longer using and in return she was going to send me a bag of left over scraps from a Kaffe Fassett quilt she was working on. She asked me to have patience because she was finding it hard to finish with family obligations etc. No problem says I. Send it when you can, I'll be happy with whatever you send. Time goes by. Her blog never gets up-dated and the mystery fanatic in me wonders what ever could have happened to this woman. Not for a minute did I feel angry that she didn't follow through because I was going to donate these books to our library anyway. I just couldn't stop thinking about what happened to her. It's funny what this blogging thing does to you. You really form an attachment to people even if you never meet. We find out things, sometimes personal, about each other and form these friendships that are very close in some ways...but not close in other important ways. I really couldn't imagine what happened to her. If she had up-dated her blog or closed it, I would have just put it out of my head but that didn't happen. The abrupt stoppage seemed to hang there like something profound had perhaps happened.

Yesterday, I was cleaning up my in-box of the hundreds of messages that I allow to hang around much too long and I came across an e-mail from her. Even though I deleted about a hundred other messages, I just couldn't delete hers. It still was a mystery unsolved. Last night my husband came home with the mail and he had a good sized box under his arm that he said was for me. Last week, I won a pin cushion from a fellow blogger but this was a pretty big, and heavy box for a pin cushion. I could hardly believe my eyes. It was a box from the lady of the Kaffe fabric. It was loaded, as you can see, with scraps and even fat quarters of Kaffe fabrics. There are also a huge pile of American Jane fabrics and, my hand to God, yesterday I had the Hancocks catalog in my hand to order American Jane in a jelly roll since I love the fabric and adore the lady who designs it. Cue the Twilight Zone music. I was so excited I couldn't wait till dinner was finished so I could get my hands into the box and play. What a great box of goodies. She included a pattern for a quilt and a nice note. I was so delighted, and a little freaked by the coincidences, that it was a very exciting evening for me. I'm still twirling with delight at my good fortune and so appreciative. I will send her a note of thanks because I'm un-sure if she reads my blog and I want to express my happiness at this lovely box full of goodies. I honestly can't wait to get my machine out and play with these pretty things.

For those of you who are mystery readers I may have mentioned that I'm a big fan of Jonathan Kellerman and his Wife Faye Kellerman. I just finished reading "Bones" by him and picked up this new one(above) by her the other day. She gets better all the time. I'm just getting into it because I have a number of distractions so I can't just sit down and read cover to cover, which is what I usually do with these books.

I hope you have as fascinating a day as I had yesterday in your world. It was really a WOW. Talk to you soon.

If Stacey is reading, I tried to send you an e-mail but it came back un-deliverable. You can e-mail me on my bio page but I can't seem to contact you. Sorry. Let me know if you have a blog. Your page is not open to comments or contact.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Some Good News

I thought it would be nice to share some very good news. James got his biopsy results and he doesn't have Crohn's Disease. That's the best news in a while around here. He has to be more focused on his diet and that can only be a good thing. Our visitors are in Manhattan until tomorrow. They went in for the St. Paddy's Parade and a show on Broadway. Peace is restored for the moment. I'm working on some business for the Pantry and catching up with the laundry and such.

Our weather has gotten really nice for these past few days. Spring is on the way. Love it!

Why is it that when you can't get to the sewing machine you come up with a fountain of ideas that you would love to try immediately. Oh well, I'm taking a few moments to click around and see what you all are up to. I saw a BOM on someones blog that looked like fun

I saw it in the original form as you see in green on the left. Then I saw someone else had made it in different springy shades and I like both ideas. I should probably think of this as a Christmas project to work on know, before
Christmas(heh). Here's the candy colored one. Isn't it adorable? It's paper-pieced and I can't remember where I saw this so I apologize to the very talented person who came up with this great idea. If anyone knows who is offering this would you let me know so I can send my mea culpa and an apology...and lots of praise. If I do make this I'm thinking I would start with the fabulous hand dyed gradations that I bought from Darcie last year. I would need to add something additional but the colors I got from her are luscious. So that's what's on my agenda right now.
I know I said I wouldn't blog till next week but I wanted to share the good news about James and say that my nose is healing nicely. Thanks to all of you who left nice messages. I'll talk to you soon.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Stuff Continues to Happen

O.K. I'm being polite and not using the phrase I would like to but nevertheless it's all too much stuff lately.
I miss my sewing machine, which has been covered, relegated to the basement, and left in the dark...much like me.
We have family visiting for a few more days and so there is just too much going on that is of no interest blog-wise. Cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, dinner out, etc. My son had his colonoscopy last week-he has ulcerative colitis and is taking meds for that-he is otherwise doing well. BIL Bob will have treatments for his illness begining next week. Multiple weeks of radiation. We love him and will do our best to help him keep his chin up during this. As for me, I had to have the cauterization to my nose again last week-bad nosebleeds, blood vessel that will not heal. Too much information???Just shoot me! We will all survive and spring is on the way.
I'll be back with better chat next week when I attempt to resume normal activity around here. Miss you all and I haven't even had a chance to read around and see what's up. Talk to you soon...don't forget me!!!