Wednesday, April 16, 2008

it's officially spring

Just checking in to let you know what's cookin' (literally) in my neck of the woods. It's beer can chicken days...whoot whoot!
This guy will be ready soon and he will join roasted red peppers and fresh mozzarella and tomatoes. Grilled red potatoes. Gotta go get it all together. Back tomorrow with more chat. Hope you have something delicious cooking for dinner too.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Whoooot! Monday

This little guy came to stay with us over the weekend after a mishap with some other creature in the yard. We think he hit the window during the struggle and hurt one of his eyes. The picture is clickable. He flew under the porch and stayed there traumatized for the whole of Saturday. Happily, on Sunday morning he had departed for parts unknown. What a hoot(sorry) it was to get so close to him. He has very big talons and sat very still while we all gawked at him and gave him plenty of time to pose nicely for his close-up.

Roger planted some pretty giant pansies in the flower boxes(pic above from last year) and we watched "the Kite Runner" which I can highly recommend to anyone who liked the book. It is mostly in sub-titles but well worth the extra effort.

We are currently having spring one day and semi-winter another. Today it's sort of chilly but bright and sunny. By the end of the week-late summer. I'd be happy for a real spring but things could always be worse so I'll just quit bitchin'& enjoy.

I'm going to try to lay out the Lavender Passion today. Not an easy thing since I don't have one large space that's convenient. I may take over BIL Bob's living room floor and hope I get far enough not to be in his way. If I can just label the rows then all will be well. It's a bit tough on the back though. I can use some bending and stretching. Where did I put that Tylenol???
Back soon with pictures.