Friday, July 27, 2007

Where the hell have I been???

Just sitting around trying to get my bearings. We have had company here and there. Roger's office building lost all power so he was in and out for a couple of days just kept throwing tiny curve balls. I haven't accomplished anything much in the sewing arena so I won't bore you with that stuff. It's very hot and about 97 percent humidity so I'm kinda hiding out in the cool indoors. I think this time of year is very similar in effect to February for me. You're stuck indoors- unless you like dripping sweat and feeling sticky. Not my cuppa! I have managed to hit Curves for 3 days in a row and even with the air on, it has been a challenge. Lots of water-all day! Yesterday I came home and doodled around while cooling down. Sat down on the living room with Rog and before I knew it I had fallen asleep for an hour in front of the T.V. That's what it's for isn't it??? The endless drone of stupidity just puts me into a coma.
Oh well, I hope anyone who is still awake will forgive me but I need a shower and some breakfast. Our company is returning for the night before flying out of LaGuardia in the morning. We'll do dinner tonight and then they're outta here. Hopefully I will have something quilty to report soon. I notice that not many people are really enthused right now anyway so I'm in good company. Hope to get at the machine next week, if not sooner. Just because I'm not sewing doesn't mean that I don't have umpteen things started. Is there such a thing as sewing schizophrenia?