Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bright & Random Happiness

I pulled out those blocks I showed the other day and determined that I need to find more of the whirly gig fabrics before I can do much with more blocks of that pattern. After a morning of communing with the vacuum cleaner and dusting, I decided to revel in the sunshine and open windows. Our temps today are nearly 60 and even though I know that it will most likely be 20 next week, I'm so perky today. Well, maybe it's the temps and maybe it's the new treadmill or a combo of both. Just standing at the window in the sun was fabulous.
So, I am putting another random round on the blocks and making them a bit larger. I had the presence of mind to throw the matching fabrics into the baggie before I tossed it into the pile so there are plenty of pieces to make up another couple of rounds of these blocks. I wish I'd had the same presence of mind for the Whirly gig blocks. I think I need to dig in the closet of shame for those fabrics and that may require a cocktail and an exorcist. After the softness of the baby quilt colors and some other things lately-this riot of color feels so...happy! Off to enjoy the probably all too brief taste of spring. Hope you have something fun to do today. If not....find something. Escape from home for an hour or two(hello??? Diane & Erika????)
More tomorrow.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Signs of Spring

The weather here has turned sort of springy and so maybe that's why I had thoughts of spring cleaning today. In my journey to the center of the pile I found these forgotten items and was a little giggly. I like both ideas but in particular, I was looking forward to making a whirly gig mini quilt. I really like this pattern so much and several people around the blog world have lately come up with their own versions. It's always fun and bright. That's the password for the week-fun and bright. I will move them to the front of the line with only two items before them. Besides, I need to leave the safety of the muted palette a little. I like the bolder colors and patterns so much. A bit of spice is nice!
We had quiet weekend with not much going on. It was pretty and warm. I opened the windows to air out the winter staleness. Very nice. By Wednesday we are to be in the high 50s. Time to get out and take a stroll. Maybe I'll hit the beach.
Hope your day is a peaceful one.