Monday, February 09, 2009

Signs of Spring

The weather here has turned sort of springy and so maybe that's why I had thoughts of spring cleaning today. In my journey to the center of the pile I found these forgotten items and was a little giggly. I like both ideas but in particular, I was looking forward to making a whirly gig mini quilt. I really like this pattern so much and several people around the blog world have lately come up with their own versions. It's always fun and bright. That's the password for the week-fun and bright. I will move them to the front of the line with only two items before them. Besides, I need to leave the safety of the muted palette a little. I like the bolder colors and patterns so much. A bit of spice is nice!
We had quiet weekend with not much going on. It was pretty and warm. I opened the windows to air out the winter staleness. Very nice. By Wednesday we are to be in the high 50s. Time to get out and take a stroll. Maybe I'll hit the beach.
Hope your day is a peaceful one.


Kay said...

Love the whirly gig blocks! I hope you'll go for it.

Gerrie said...

I love, love the colors in these blocks.

rianammerman said...

Put some spice in your life! Revv up the color and hit the beach!

Cindra said...

do I spy some polka dots?

Golden Granny said...

Hi, I was in another blog and saw your name with Quilts. I love your quilt blocks and your finish quilt top. My son makes quilt tops but he sends them out to be quilted. Do you have any patterns you could send me.I really enjoyed your blog.
My blog is Golden Granny.