Friday, June 08, 2007

A Wee Celebration Postponed

First I want to thank everyone who commented and sent well-wishes both on the blog and personally for my husband's surgery on Monday and for thinking good thoughts about James. I think that in time things will work out well for James. He is registered on that on-line job finding site Monster and just today there were a couple of very good possibilities. There is also an advisor at college that is helping him with possible ideas and suggestions. He's smart and a good worker-All will work out for the best. He saw a few great opportunities-one with a major company with great benefits and will look into that next week.
On the Roger Front-all is not as smooth as glass. He is due at the surgical center on Mon at 8 am but his surgery is contingent upon a couple of factors that may not be just right. Why the series of so-called smart medical types couldn't figure out these glitches before now-Lord knows. I'm crossing my fingers and toes and so appreciate your good thoughts. It could turn out alright but we just won't be able to get the go-ahead until Mon. Meanwhile, as you can imagine, all worry and no definite answers make Roger an angry guy. We have decided to postpone my birthday on Sunday and James's on Tuesday until July 4th when, God willing, all of this will be just an annoying memory. Frankly, at 59, I could do without a birthday this year and have a do-over next year to avoid the inevitable.
If you're looking for me I'll be the one hiding behind anything I can find sort of like the cartoon above. Ducking and weaving-staying out of the line of fire. I'm really kidding since Roger is so sedated with Vicodin that he's the one ducking and weaving. Maybe I'll make myself a margarita and hide in the jungle outside. Adios till Tuesday most likely and thanks, again, you guys are great! I'm blessed with friendship.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

It's a Jungle Out There & Thinking good thoughts

Here are some pictures of the yard now that the rains have come and the vines and bushes are in full swing. Please to excuse the cars that now are a part of my daily scene. James is in the throws of selling one of them and restoring the other with parts from the one for sale. So, along with the lovely greenness of my valley, I have a used auto parts center on the side of the house. Let me stop to say a silent prayer to the Gods for deliverance in the form of a full-time job for well. I've run out of fingers and toes to cross for him and the really bad thing is that the part-time job he has is in the midst of renovation and has been closed for nearly a month. He's having anxiety over no money, no job and too much time to worry. Pray for us.
While you're at it maybe you could think really swell & happy thoughts for my husband. Today he has to see the cardiologist for an "all cleared for surgery" check and Monday is his surgery. I'm really hoping that this will offer him the relief he needs-lack of good sleep and pain make Roger an unhappy boy. My heart is kinda sorrowful for both my guys right now. Here's hoping that next week will bring better things for both of them. I love my guys and I'm worried about them.
Meanwhile I'm still sweating at Curves-missed another day yesterday though. When things calm down a bit I hope to get back into the swing and keep to my schedule better. I also hope to get some sewing done so I can at least pretend to have a blog about quilting again.
Hope everyone has a great day. Sew something for me!