Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fondling fabric

I'm finally getting some sewing done. I've decided to use those jelly roll fabrics to make nine patches and then I think I'll attempt to set them on point. I've always loved that look when I see it in others quilts-Previous attempts to set things on point have often resulted in setting me on point so cross your fingers. I wish I was more precise and less mathematically challenged. I think I have a chart somewhere that gives you the measurement for setting squares and side triangles for each size square on point. That will help. Oh well, it's about time for a little bit of brain workout.

Thanks for playing along with the silliness these past few days. Sometimes life just gets too serious and I have to put on my Groucho mustache, funny nose and glasses. most people who don't know me well think I'm the quiet type and sort of serious-that would be wrong for the most part. I have a wicked sense of humor and sometimes find myself stifling laughter at inappropriate moments. Lord help me if I have anyone around to make eye contact with. I can remember the very stern looks from Father Wallworth in church when I sat with friends from school. My stomach would hurt from laughing. We weren't being disrespectful it was just the idea that we had to be serious that would get things started.

James went to his first day of work yesterday and we were sort of on pins and needles waiting for him to come home. Huzzah!!!(who said that?) the crowd goes wild-the job is good(for now). There are certain aspects that we are not happy with but he's a man now and has to deal with these things himself. This job will be a learning experience and hopefully lead to something better in the near future. For the time being we are just happy he's working. The salary is really not commensurate with what we think he should be making but he's apprenticing and so we hope he gets everything he can out of it and then looks for a job that will pay him much better. For now, he's a happy camper and that means a lot.

I hurt my neck at Curves on Mon. and had to take a darvocet to get rid of the neck pain and major headache I developed yesterday. By the time I went to bed it felt like a migraine and as if my head would come off the shoulders. Drugs are I feel much better-just a slight twinge-however I feel a little hung over from the medicine. Anyway, taking it easy for today- no lunch with the guys. I may have a few friends over this afternoon just to lift my spirits-I think that they specialise in some sort of massage.

Boogie Shoes for the Hot feet

Just a little fun for your viewing pleasure while I get a little sewing(gasp)done.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Take Two...cha cha cha

Just because it's too darn hot to be anything but silly, I'm taking up the challenge, calling in the markers, talkin' to a guy I know....Don't say I never do anything for you.

I have put on my tango outfit and firmly grasped a rose between my teeth(ouch)Here is my lunch partner for today. Sting couldn't stay long-his wife was waiting in the car(hybrid) We managed to get in some songs and some Yoga(heh). My new favorite word is Tantric.

Today Monsieur Depp appears to be cleaned up a bit(merci-mercy) and we are having drinks on the veranda and a nice salad. Not much else since I'm way too much woman for him-Here's the salad-shrimp, avocado, grapefruit , jullienne of green beans in vinaigrette. Voila...enjoy
Seriously, My guys were all gone today and the house was all was soooo quiet. I almost didn't know what to do with myself-that is until Johnny got here...heeee
I promise to sober up tomorrow and leave this wild life behind

Monday, June 25, 2007

Hot Stuff

The other day I was commenting on the beauty of the day here on this island-where the usual summer day involves intense, wet, heat. Sort of like baking in an oven with a bain marie. Well-it's here. I knew we should stop and smell the roses(so to speak) because soon....very soon a wet blanket of hotness would fall down around us and stay for a couple of months. Even sooner, nothing will be fresh enough to smell-not roses, not people...not nothin'

I got my act in gear today and went to Curves early. Got a little to vigorous I think. My neck hurts a little. Anyway, I came home, got cleaned up and went to the store for BBQ stuff for the next few days. I came home with this stuff.

I know, I know....again with the food. Made a tall cool drink and nibbled(o.k. snarffed) it all and took a pain killer. That's when things got really interesting
I fell asleep and dreamed that this guy was in my yard me
I'm going for the exact same meal tomorrow. Sigh.