Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Alone too long

Since I am all alone...snif, left to my own devices(that'll teach 'im) I decided to let the imagination wander and thought a lot about who I would like to invite to dinner. The answer came to me in a moment of hungry clarity. Gordon Ramsay. I found out that Sting was busy with some chanting and praying stuff and while flipping the channel during commercials(thanks Roger)I came upon Gordon in Kitchen Nightmares. I absolutely love Gordon Ramsey. I love his concept of what a restaurant should be, his work ethic, his "body as temple" think, and...well, he's just Darn adorable. I plotz when he takes a fork-full of someones awful cooking and says "f--- me, did this come from the waste bin?" Now I know that it's not necessary to use such language, but in this case it really makes me laugh.'s the reason I would like Gordon to come to dinner. He would find my food and my kitchen in a dreadful state and immediately fire me. Some people might be offended but I would love to be fired and I'd tell him what a brilliant move it was. Next he would replace all of my ancient appliances and doodads with shiny new up-to-date serious equipment. Then I could alternately admire my new kitchen(surely Roger would re-hire me later) and Gordon. Maybe he would teach me a bunch of cool things to make in order to redeem myself. Maybe he wouldn't spit my food into the bin. Maybe he would just let me stare at him while he cooked. Any way you figure it-I win.
As the dinner guests for my first Gordon Ramsay educated meal, I would invite John Cleese and Michael Palin-two of my favorite Monty Python members. Doing this ensures laughter and silly walks and dead parrots but opens up the possibility for other frightening occurrences... because........


Monday, November 05, 2007

Change of plans& the neighborhood

I think I've shown this quilt before. It's really the only fall-like piece that I have and was made with 5 inch squares I got from some on-line quilt shop. Not all that big but it seems cosy for the season.

My plans for a get-away have changed. Roger will be going with a co-worker to his meeting near Canada. The other traveler had intended to bring his wife but she had a medical problem and will not be going so the alternative is for me to sit in the hotel and read or sew for one long day. I took a pass. It's a tough trip for Roger and I didn't want him to travel alone for an 8-hour car ride. Now that he is going with the fellow-engineer that's not a factor so I'll hang in here and do my reading and sewing locally.

My crack photography team took some pictures on Saturday while we were getting the effects of an off-shore storm. The wind whipped up the sea froth and that picture above is of the canal that feeds into the salt marsh not far from me.
The shot below is one taken from the apple orchard driveway after the guys purchased another delicious bag of Macouns. Yummy! They don't allow me near the orchard as I have trouble controlling myself when faced with a maze of trees with apples just waiting to be snatched up and scarfed up....sorry but some of you may not be aware of my larcenous tendencies when faced with fruit trees.
Well I must go and do some errands and laundry and all the mundane Monday stuff. Hope your autumn day is as spectacular as mine is starting out to be. Just look at that shot of all those apples laying around uneaten...on the ground....wasting away.............sigh