Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday This 'n That

That's off the list. Now it's on to the curtains and some relevant furniture. Whew!!

Hope everyone had as great a Thanksgiving as we did. There was enough food to feed an army and all of it was wonderful. We could barely button our britches( Oh alright, we have problems with that anyway) but this was special circumstances. Dani's Dad,Chris made stuffed artichokes to start, her Aunt Alison made whipped sweet potatoes with a brown sugar and nut topping that I could have just eaten by the bowl full. Wow was that good. Like dessert for dinner. The various kids were so funny and it was so nice to see Dani's Grandfather looking so well. All in all a great evening. The best dog in the world, Henry, was very funny. Henry is a Puggle who will lick your skin off snuffle snuffle, lick, that pup.

The day after was a quiet sleepy day. Saturday my husband decided to help me with things around the house that I hardly ever get to. while I sorted through clothes in my bedroom to give away(what a pile of stuff) and finished edging the paint in the sewing room, he straightened the kitchen bar top that becomes the catch-all for every piece of crap that comes through the door. He thinned magazines(gad what a lot) shredded papers, made the kitchen look so much better. Why do I feel so guilty when he does that. He washed the kitchen windows and I was actually annoyed with him. Probably because it was something that I should have taken care of a month ago. I felt awful and ashamed for letting it get to the point where they were really hazy. Must be that small German voice that comes along with guilt and shame, two very German voices in my head that I never get rid of. Thanks Oma.
We finished off Saturday by piling into Bob's car for a meal at a very small local Mexican place called El Ranchito. Six tables-real Mexican food. Delicious.

Sunday I went out and came back with a small turkey and we did another Thanksgiving. Really good and the house smelled so good. Plus I have left overs for sandwiches etc. This week I have to make a couple dozen cookies for Trinity Episcopal Santa Fair on Saturday. They are having a cookie walk. You pay $5. for a bag and then you can walk around and fill it with your choice of many different kinds. I'm making peanut butter and peanut butter chocolate chip. I also saw a recipe on Tommy's blog for crushed Oreos dipped in melted almond bark. Still tossing that one around in my head. I guess I'll see how the week evolves. Wed. I have an appointment with the Dermatologist for a new face...har Really, I have a small, itty-bitty, spot on my pert little nose that has turned white and I just want to have it looked at. Many years ago, when I worked for a Derm. I remember that something turning color was bad but something losing color was not so good either. My skin is cooperating nicely by breaking out in various different annoying things that hopefully will last till Wed and not vanish Tues. and come back Thurs. It's also time to have some sun damage on my arms checked out while I'm there. Seems like a couple of these freckles are bigger than usual. We'll see. After the appointment I'm heading to Tarjay for sheer curtains for my new room. The excitement it building now. As always in December, I'm looking at a few hours of letter writing for the Pantry too.

A VERY TALENTED, DEAR, DARLING, FRIEND of mine has come to my rescue regarding the bad circulation in my paws. Sometimes, when I write those letters, my hands really are cold and the arthritis really gets painful so I have been coveting a pair of those fingerless gloves that will cover my crabby mits. She e-mailed me yesterday and showed a pair that were on the needles and coming my way in the near future. She's the best. My adoration is well-founded.
Well, it's time to get a few things done before the guys come home. It's raining and dark out...I'll start by turning on some lights.....Talk to you soon.