Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Busy work & pain

I've been trying to keep myself busy but the gods are conspiring against me I think. Some of you may remember that my right knee has been giving me some trouble from time to time. Well, from time to time has now moved up to all the time. Along with the pain in the knee that now goes on forever, I am favoring it so my hip hurts too. Crap!

An appointment with the Dr. on Thursday will begin what I hope doesn't lead to surgery but perhaps physical therapy instead. There is so much I want to do in my house but the pain gets really bad after only a half hour standing on the foot. All of this is making me a bad combination of cranky and depressed. Not a good place to be. The hip thing is keeping me from sitting long enough to write letters for the Pantry so now I am behind on that as well. Can I get some more whine with this pitty party....

Anyway, I have not progressed to far on James's new quilt but I did manage to find a few more blocks for the Kaffe piece above. I should really lay out and observe blocks more carefully. I would have moved a couple of those around where there is too much light together. What I really need is a handwork project. Something small and manageable for couch potatoing.

I'll let you know how the Dr, goes tomorrow. I suspect the first thing will be a series of x-rays to see what the actual damage is. As per the Stones-what a drag it is getting old. I am writing on the blackboard a hundred times-I will stop whining like a 90 year old.

Yours truly,

Bad Patient with no patience