Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pinwheels and such

Here's a shot of the pinwheel factory that's going full speed right now. One baby quilt coming up!

Also, based on Kay's comment I went searching for the book I mentioned in yesterdays post. Many years ago now I read "Blue Highways" by William Least Heat Moon and loved it so much. Being a history buff I can't imagine how much fun it must be to just go and explore. Of course that book was written back in the early 80s I think. Maybe times aren't as friendly or safe now. Not sure. Anyway, I read his other book, of which I mentioned the fault line and earthquake in the Chicago area and that smart cookie Kay left me a comment that made me go looking for it since I couldn't quite remember the title. I remember much of the book(it's a huge one) but for some reason(age) I couldn't remember it was called "Prairy Erth" It's a lot of book but Mr. Moon is a scholar and a lover of history. He goes into some major detail about what is basically the center of the continental US and it's origins and topography and history. I know it's not for everyone but I sure love a well-detailed history book.

I took a lot of pictures of the snow. There's a whole boatload of it and thanks to James and the trusty snow blower a lot of it is cleared away so we can get out. The weather is such a boring subject that I just decided to skip the pics. It snowed-12-14 inches-it's cold and yuck. Nuf said.
I'm distracting myself with the sewing and praying for a really early spring. If I get my hands on that groundhog he's toast. This is about the time of year when we look at each other and ask why the hell we insist on living here. Right now I can't think of a good reason but I'll get back to you later.

I'm still having problems with my right knee. Don't like that one bit. Both my good friends have knee problems and one just had surgery on hers recently. I'm not a good patient-Hate things I have no control over and apparently this is one of those things. It goes away for a few days and then pops back up again...grrrr. Not fun. Something I will probably have to address medically in the all too near future-have I mentioned my distaste for Drs lately? Surgeons are worse. You can almost see them twirling their little mustaches while telling you that they must do surgery....grrrrrrr.

Well, I'm going to the kitchen and cooking some Chicken Parm and a nice salad for my guys. They worked hard today. Hope it's a lot warmer where you are and a lot less white.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blahh, & nothing but WIPS

I'd show you some pictures of what's happening but, unless you live under a rock, you're seeing it every five minutes on the tube.....endlessly, white, drift, cold, BAH!
Yesterday I started work on a pinwheel quilt for a baby to come in the spring. I used the Triangulations program and zipped through a bunch of half-square triangles. I love that they are perfect and square but the removal of paper and clipping of tips is tedious. That's OK since there is not a lot going on around here so I'll just listen to some music and clip and press. They are so cute. I'll have extra for a little piece for me...yippee.
Roger is home but, sadly, James & Bob had to head off in this mess this morning. I really hope they're home sooner rather than later since I hear icy stuff lowing against the window. That's very, very, bad. Especially when you live on tip of a hill looking down at the world around you. James got a ride in with his boss so his car is already up here but I doubt that Bob will make it up the hill later.
I made soup last night and, fingers crossed, we won't lose power, and I'll come up with something delicious and warming for today. There's always breakfast for dinner. Personally that's a big favorite of mine and I would eat that even if it wasn't a snowstorm.

I was just reading the news and saw a report that there was an earthquake in Chicago. They said that it sits on one of the largest fault lines in the country. Did you know that? Hmm. News to me but interesting. I read a book years ago that was about the Midwest and it's development over thousands of years. He wrote that thousands of years ago, Kansas, and surrounding parts of neighboring states, was once an enormous inland sea. Fascinating stuff for a history buff. Are you still awake....knock knock....
Anyway, I'm going to the sewing machine and playing with pinwheels-pictures to follow-maybe later.
Good luck wherever you are.