Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Checking in

The garden in front of my kitchen window is a riot of morning glories in the a.m. and late in the afternoon-early evening, it is a glorious vision of unfurling moonflowers. If you haven't grown moonflowers, you haven't experienced the true magic of nature right before your eyes. They become fat pointy arrows of white and then in the twilight, they unfurl themselves for an all-to-brief, beautiful, moment. Last year things got in the way and we never got around to planting moonflowers. This year I started last years packets of seeds and hoped for the best. They have overrun the porch and tried to strangle the hibiscus but I wouldn't change a thing. It's like looking into my own personal secret garden.
This summer is swiftly coming to an end and I haven't done one single artistic thing. I'm happy to say that some things will begin to change around here as soon as possible. My husband had a talk with my BIL and they have offered me the room in the old house that was once a dining room. It faces the street and has wonderful morning sun with a lot of windows. It will be my studio. This alone was enough to make me smile and jump around like a crazy person and later, when I came back down to earth, I realized how very fortunate I am. Not only was Bob willing to make changes to benefit me but, best of all, I'm married to a man who really hears what I say when I'm troubled. That's worth it's weight in gold. We have a number of things in the works here in terms of refurbishing the house and so now we will add a bit of a make-over of that room...(say it with me...MY STUDIO..eeeeekk). I am contemplating painting and adding some storage and a workspace including a cutting table and sewing area etc. I am so grateful for this since I have really lost my desire to create in the current situation. It's no ones fault, we just haven't really ventured into the world of re-decorating and construction that is so much needed here. It's just that having to work on the kitchen table and stop every day at 4-ish to make dinner-clear off everything and begin again the next day is so not the way to work. My "stuff" is everywhere. It's upstairs, downstairs and in between. I loose the desire to even begin and that is what has happened to me this summer. I am looking forward to having a dedicated space that makes sense.
Roger is still taking Friday off for the next while. We had a lovely day together last week. We often go to the same places to have lunch or dinner and decided to get adventurous. We went to a great Mexican place a a few miles away. Wow! what food. Tortilla soup and ropa vieja quesadilla. Holy Smoke was it good. There is such a difference between real Mexican and crappy faux Mexican stuff like fast food places serve. This was dining on real food. Lovely people as well. We have a large Hispanic population here on the island and have been to several places such as "Oaxaca" that make the real deal. Roger had wonderful enchilada verde with green mole(forgot how to put the accent over the e). We'll be going back there again.
In aweek or so, we have the engagement party for James & Dani at Dani's parents house. They got a tent and such in case the weather is a beast. I'm looking forward to meeting her family and I hope it goes well. I'm very shy around new people(even at my age-ridiculous no?) So I'm here to say hello and goodbye for a while. We have so many things happening with all of this that I have decided not to bore you with stuff that hasn't happened yet and I feel overwhelmed. I will return in Sept.-hopefully with progress on a number of things and a space to work in. I hope all of you are having a wonderful summer & I hope you will come back soon to visit me in a new space where I will have something(anything!!!) to show for myself. Thanks for stopping by. See you soon.