Thursday, January 31, 2008

Credit where credit is due

I really can't take credit for this and I don't want to blame Mel for it either. In the bag-o-scraps I got, so generously, from her were a few components already fused together so several of the things in here are pieces and parts taken from those. I kept having frady-scared thoughts and walking past the envelope without attempting even the slightest thing. This morning I decided to just go ahead and play. I'm not trying to be Mel and so I keep thinking that it's just a bad to wind up with blatant imitaion but then what else can one do to begin and get over being afraid of the whole fusing thing?

I had a few fabrics I had purchased last year from her collection that had never been used. I just began to lay things out early this morning. It is now noon and I haven't done a thing but brush my teeth and comb my hair. This is where the guilt comes in. Threw a load of stuff in the washer and went back to look again. I must resist the urge to use EVERYTHING just because it's there. Melody has a good entry in answer to a readers question regarding inspiration(strange question though). I don't need inspritation-I need the room to play with this stuff without having to bag it all up at the end. There is another idea that's in the works but I don't want to show it yet-in the meantime this reminds me a little of playing with Legos. It's addictive and you have to smack yourself on the hand to stop re-arranging things over and over. It would be a good thing to have a space large enough to be working on a couple of pieces at a time. Spreading out the wealth as it were. It's a lot of fun and I see now where the "doing it" engenders bravery. You just have to jump in with two feet. I plan to do a bunch of stitching on this when I can and maybe it will look better. One of my original ideas was I wanted to make a piece that was an interpretation of the outdoor markets in so many foreign places. Spice markets, flower markets, fruit & veg, well it didn't wind up that way but for a first effort I don't hate it. It need embellishment-lots of embellishment. I must now catch up with other things. See you later.
The stacks are stacking up! Can't stop....must do important work around house.....

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Nothin' wishy-washy goin' on here

Well now...lookee what the postman brought me. A fabulous scrap-bag from the Color Countess of Tennessee. I have been running my hands through the yumminess and playing on this gray day. Maybe I'm not going to wind up being all that beige. I need to make a little space devoted to sorting because these fabrics are already fused and the Countess reminds me to clean my glasses or I will end up with a big blob of goo on the iron. While I was in the cleaning phase(an on-going and eye-opening event) I found some further proof that I have an, albeit recessive color gene. I forgot about these bright blue blocks.

Just the thing to overcome the gray blahs. It's not snowing but it is very damp and chilly. I'll take that over snow though. Up here on the hill snow removal is an all day affair for the guys. I keep hoping that someday they will awake in a blinding flash to realize that there are people you can hire to do the work for you. Won't hold my breath. When I win the big lottery-I'm going to hire many assorted and talented people with tools to finish the 300 things that need doing around here. You know, the things that we'll get to next year. I could keep a good sized army of men and women busy laboring around here for months if not years. Roof, windows, yardwork, snow removal, painting, floor installation....Ahh, I dream, and in color!

I rented a charming and unusual movie. It's not a regular ovie with a plot/story as such. It's 12 little short pieces about love in Paris called "Paris Je T'aime" Some of the stories are only a few short minutes and some are very sad and others very strange but more often than not, they are touching and sweet. I real enjoyed it. Each scene takes place in a different section of Paris and each by a different director. A huge number of stars mostly European but Willem Dafoe, Natalie Portman, Ben Gazzara, and Gena Rowlands are a few. There is a scene with character actor Steve Buscemi in the Paris Metro that is both hilarious and scary at once. Something different and, of course, the real star is Paris. Some french spoken but not that much. The only piece I didn't like was about Mimes. They annoy me.
Talk to you soon.