Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lost & Found

I have no picture today. There's nothing that quite sums up my feelings about the last couple of days that can be captured by a camera.
Yesterday, I man was trampled to death by people(?) literally breaking the doors at a big box store and running like a mob over him. These same people continued to make purchases while an EMT crew worked over this dying man tyring to revive him. A woman was also trampled and nearly lost her child. All of this took place about 20 miles from my home. It upset me so much that I had trouble sleeping and when I did there were some bad dreams to contend with. For a while now, I have wondered just what the turning point for society would be. The turning point where we would all come back to humanity first and "things" last. I am reminded of when my husband bought me my beautiful engagement ring so many years ago. I asked him if he thought it was a good idea to get insurance on it and he replied "it's only a thing". I loved him even more from that moment on. It summed up for me the essence of a real human being. Things and stuff-all of goes away and is lost. Humanity is nearly going away with those "things & Stuff" as well. I am sickened by this. I want to know who all of those people are so that when I may come face to face with them I can know them and run away disgusted and frightened by them-which is the least they deserve.
What was found was an e-mail from a very talented friend this morning. She finished work on a commission piece that is an amazing piece of art. It's unbelievably beautiful and an exact copy of a famous painting done in fabric and quilted to perfection. Because of copyright issues it can't be shown on a blog and more's the pity. It's gorgeous. I wish she could share it with the world but understand that it could cause problems. That was the beauty in my morning and I was so grateful for a picture coming my way.
I think that when we view these amazing pieces of art it renews something visceral in us and Lord knows we can use some civilization today.
Our Thanksgiving was not such a happy one. We were happy to be with our friends but they were not happy about much of anything except us spending the day with them. The recent horror-filled economic crash has left our friends without a ladder and hanging on by their fingertips. What can happen in a six month period to a lifetime of savings is astonishing and scary. I am filled with fear for them. Tomorrow I am making Thanksgiving here at my house. My son was at his girlfriends house and missed my version of the day so now I will make it again and hopefully things will be a little brighter if only for a few hours. It's all about the smashed potaotes and gravy lake for James.
I hope you all had a wonderful day and that you have peace in your world.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I wish you good friends, good food to share with them and peace.
Turkey to cook, potatoes to mash, pie to bake, wine to drink.
See you all soon.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Got a Match?

I'm just checking in to say Hi! I haven't fallen off the face of the earth although, that might be a great feeling right now. They're playing jingle bells and dashing through the snow and next week is Chris....Uh....Thanksgiving...I think. I'm about to set off the bomb in front of me. Somehow the bloggy mojo is gone. It's that time when I can't think of anything that would interest anyone and I've got nothing to show. I did get out the machine and work on something today but I'll take pics tomorrow as this day is nearly over. Trying not to listen to the news-it's a mess out there.
Roger is taking off a week so we will have some nice time together and we are going to our friends house for the annual Thanksgiving feast. The day after that it will be Christmas.
BIL Bob is back from his trip to the Caribbean and in one fell swoop every leaf on every tree came down with a whoosh. I'm heading back to the sewing machine since I have the day off from cooking. Maybe I can get a couple more things done. We watched Kung Foo Panda yesterday afternoon and had a laugh. Lots of mail at the Food Pantry to answer. This is our really busy time. Everyone donates something from the kids in school classes to the civic groups around town and many businesses. Lots of work for me but it's for a very good cause. We have many more families this year. No surprise there.
I made Lydia's chicken & eggplant with basil and fresh mozzarella last night for dinner. I recommend it. Lots of prep work but worth it I think. The guys seemed to like it very much. Not a diet meal but you have to go off the reservation sometimes.
I really hate having my picture taken but the guys snapped this one a while back. Please to ignore my many chins and sloppy outfit. I think I was cooking and cleaning that day.
Talk to you soon and please remember that the camera adds thirty-five pounds.