Wednesday, September 05, 2007

links-o-lot and Wed (old) WIP

I'm playing with jelly rolls of Christmas fabric making mindless nine patches, drumroll........for me. I would like a Christmas wall hanging for ME for a change. If I start now I may have it for (ahem) next Christmas
I was perusing my friend Jane Ann's blog, The Jettstream, and she is showing the cutest little pineapples. The first thing I like is the adorable size. Having been there and done small, I am in awe. I only did a wonky looking log cabin piece above that I gave up on at about 12x9 ish. The second thing I really like about her pineapples is that they have a strong and zippy red fabric that makes them very bright and fun. It made me realise how much my taste in colors has changed in the last few years and also how schizophrenic my color choices are. It must be the Gemini thing pouring out of me. I started quilting with very traditional colors. The Ginny Beyers-country colors stuff. That's still nice for some people but I really get excited about stronger, deeper, wilder colors now. In my defense, back then there wasn't a lot of choice and I didn't have the money to play with fabric like today.On the flip side, I am in love with the primitive look of work done by my friend Libby of A Simple Girl. Then, in an effort to become one of those multi-handed Indian Goddess figures there's this other hand that absolutely adores the girly-girl quality of Cinderberry a blog I found while surfing some Australian sites like Material Obsession(check out the great stuff these women come up with. I can't get the hyperlink to work but it's on my sidebar.)
Maybe this love of vibrant color really started with the big fat box of crayons in grade school. Never got one of those. Of course not having the perfect colors made me make them by mixing and over-coloring which really got the art teacher excited! Whatever it is that makes me love COLOR C O L O R color is a lot like music. It moves and excites me. See my friend Terry Grant at And Sew it Goes. Her work, as well as my friend Gerrie Congdon, makes me want to get my art going and mix it up. Seeing one of these great people come up with a new piece is a lot like finding visual music laid out before you. It's elemental, essential, and stimulating and all in different ways. How lucky are we to have found each other? Very lucky indeed.
Well, Roger has taken this week off and is relaxing with a book and I am sewing and puttering around. There is cooking and lunching and computering to find things to do on the vacation coming up at the end of Sept. It's nice to have him around.
Hope you have a good day.