Monday, May 11, 2009

Blooming Monday

It was an almost all-hibiscus Mother's Day for me. I got 3 very large apricot ones and a smaller pink one. Well, throw in some fabulous Hollyhock plants, dusty miller, new guinea impatiens, and a couple of other I can't remember right now. That's what landed on the porch yesterday. Roger put the beautiful hibiscus into their big containers and the pretty pink smaller one into a pot and this morning I planted the dusty miller down near the driveway. It was perfect planting weather(very unusual for spring on Long Island) not humid and icky at all. Dry, crisp, and sweet. Could not have asked for a better weekend. Later, Roger BBQd some really great ribs and eggplant and potatoes. Yum. Lovely day. My son did a lot of work around the yard and some additional work for Uncle Bob which was a really big help. I can't thank him enough for that. Bob is going to have some tests done at St. Francis tomorrow and we are praying that all is going to be well with a limited bunch of crap. I'm going to make a nice meal for all of us tonight-some beer-can chicken and grilled veg. and tortellini salad for dinner. Taking advantage of another beautiful day and who knows how long that will last.

I put together the log cabin blocks and decided to make it into a wreath. I like the way it came out. Some borders and a bit of hand quilting will finish this simply. One gift out of the way. I'm taking the advice of you dears who suggested I keep more things for myself....just as soon as this is done....sigh.

Talk to you soon and say a prayer for my BIL Bob. We love him and need him to be back to normal soon. He's one of the good guys.